Wrapping up April

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It's been a busy month. Two birthdays. A move. Easter. And a book party to help plan.

BTW, Saturday is Indie Bookstore Day. Go buy a book to celebrate! If you happen to be in the New Martinsville area, I'll be celebrating with my local book seller on Saturday.

About those birthdays...
My oldest, Boy #1 turned 25 and my baby, Boy #4 turned 19. To celebrate, we went to see Shazam. I forced them to take pictures in the theater. They were all thrilled. Can you tell?

*Shazam was good. I'm gonna call it cute. Not edgy like Deadpool or as funny as Guardians of the Galaxy, or as suspenseful as The Avengers, but it was an enjoyable movie.

We got Boy #3 moved out of his college apartment finally. Now, I have a pile of boxes in the basement to sort through. I need to do it fast before the other three return home for the summer with their stuff. 

I've been wondering...would it be insane to rent a storage unit for the summer? I'm  sure my husband, who already complains about the number of Hulu and Netflix accounts it takes to keep everyone entertained throughout the year, would think it's a seriously bad idea. He is right, though. Nickels and dimes do add up. 

On the writing front, Hoosier Dad is in editing. That means it will have a release date soon. I suppose it would be smart to think about a launch. Honestly? Just between us, I don't like book launches half as much as I like writing the books. I don't like the marketing. I hate asking people to buy my book. It feels so self-serving. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't want you to buy it. It's a good one. With a pretty cover. Hint, hint. 

As for goals this month. The word count is high which is killing the gym time and the number of books read. It never fails, if I excel in one area, I'm failing in another. I keep harping about this life balance thing, but it's pretty much lip service. I tend to obsess over one thing at a time. 

I have no more books read this month either. There's not been enough time. I have a couple of books started, a book to beta read, and Write Club submissions to read and choose for the upcoming Write Club bouts.

Vacation is coming. Maybe I'll catch up on my reading then.


  1. And you were working on the IWSG newsletter - you have been busy!
    Yes, the boys look thrilled. Like you made them see the movie in the background or something.
    Cute? You're like my wife when I play her a really killer song and she says it's pretty.

    1. I did get that done too. I need to keep a list of what I get done, instead of all the lists of things I've still got to do.

      Seems your wife and I call them as we see them. Cute is good, as is pretty, but it doesn't count as earth shattering. LOL

  2. I hate for you to think of yourself as a failure in any way because you're achieving more in a particular area. It wouldn't be insane to rent a storage unit for a while, but if I tucked away stuff in storage, I'd never get around to going through it.


    1. You're always wise, Janie. I do seem to focus on what I'm not getting done rather than what I am getting done.

      A storage until is probably a bad idea. I realize from watching Hoarders that buying extra space just encourages the problem. Best to just downsize to a manageable amount.

  3. Congrats on the story getting closer to release.

    I see you have a redhead in your brood.

    1. We do! The red-hot Cole. That hair has gotten him a lot of attention of the years.

  4. Wow! You are sooo busy, and look at that word count! Awesome! I hear you on the storage unit. We'll have one till we move...

    1. You have a pretty good reason to get one. I'm not moving any time soon.

      I did get a lot of words in. I get to the end of a story and I want to finish so badly. It's like the end is so close, if I can just power through....

  5. I think that's a great photo of all of them. Good for you for making them pose.

    Yikes! They come back for summer? (Kidding) At least you're getting them out of the house for part of the year. ;)

  6. You are so crazy busy. Good luck with the move. Don't forget to take care of yourself as well. Wishing you all the best. And i hated doing my own book launch. It is too stressful for me.

  7. And I thought my April was busy!! Great to see your "babies" together and they are good, strong lads for sure - even if they don't like Mom taking a picture :)

    Well done on the book again and the word count is *awesome* !!

  8. Oooh I'm loving the title of your new book, Elizabeth!! And the cover is gorgeous!!
    I haven't seen Shazam yet but I think I'd like to (after reading your recommendation). It sounds like fun!
    Suzy xx

  9. Awesome that you are reaching the end of your story! Looking forward to the release!


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