News and Updates

50 Best Writing Blogs in 2018
The Insecure Writer's Support Group is in the UK WritersHub top 50 for the Best Writing blogs!

It's great to see the reach of the IWSG is growing! 
Kudos to Alex Cavanaugh, our founder and leader. Alex puts in countless hours maintaining and growing a site that is focused solely on the needs of writers. 

Also in IWSG news, we need a co-host for March. If anyone can help out, please let me know in the comments and Alex will be in touch. 

On the book front...

I have a cover for Hoosier Dad! 
Looking forward to releasing a new book. It's been so long, it almost feels like a first. 

I'm so excited! I enjoyed writing this story. It has some humor, some drama, and of course some love. Sarah, the MC, isn't your typical heroine. She's a tough attorney who doesn't have too many soft spots...though one weakness is Rich Cooper. He's a love from her past who not only didn't have the consideration to grow old and ugly, but he upped his adorable factor by adding two amazing daughters to the deal. 
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