Dog Pee, Crafts, and Memories

I was having the hardest time trying to decide what to write this post about. There are so many things going on in my life, but I still couldn't decide what to share. I'd write. Then delete. Write. Delete. You get it. I did this last night over and over until I closed the laptop and went to bed. 

This morning was no better. Once again, I was staring at a blank screen. 

Then my dog took a leak on my rug. Not just any rug, mind you, but one of my grandma's braided rugs. They were her signature craft and took a whole lot of work to make. I should know; she tried to teach me how to make them. 

As with most arts and crafts projects, I was a failure. She gave me all my instructions, the fabrics, and would check in on my progress. Originally, I was going to make a huge rug for my kitchen. I braided a while and realized my kitchen rug plan was overshooting my skill set. 

I told her, instead of a large rug for my kitchen, I was going to make a small rug for my bathroom. A few more braids later, I imagined a nice braided chair cushion. 

After a week or so, she asked me about my progress.  I told her I was perfectly content making a damned coaster. I was finished. She laughed until she had tears. 

The simple truth was...these were not easy or quick to make. 

New plan, I told her. She'd do the crafting. Sweatshop style. This scene from Happy Gilmore became our craft joke. She agreed to extend arts and crafts time to avoid pulling landscape duty. 

She's gone now, but I still have the rugs and the good memories. And when my dog takes a leak on one, I also know to soak it in the tub with a bit of Borax and allow to air dry, just like Grandma taught me. 

Grandma Rose and me
I got her nose, but not her artistic ability. 

Now, for a special message from the IWSG. We're looking for a few good men. Well, that's not really accurate...we are actually looking for 1 hardworking person who likes to cook and send baked goods to other members of the admin team (I added that qualification myself, don't tell the Ninja). If you want to be part of an awesome team, please email us. Must be an active member of either the blog hop or Facebook group. 

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