Hail to the Grapes?

My last goal for the year was to master marketing. Well, I've decided I hate marketing. It's a beast. And not a cute little beast with perky ears and soft, soulful puss-in-boots eyes. No, it's a snarling, blood-sucking, life draining monster with hideous breath.  
Truth is- nothing squashes the creative juices faster than the weight of selling a book. 

To counter balance the drain, I'm considering wine as a juice replenishing alternative. Just so you don't think I'm intending to become some sort of sloppy drunk drooling over my keyboard- I promise I'll stick to wines over $10 a bottle, and I'll always use a glass. And I'll pace myself- no more than a glass per chapter. It will be the carrot to my jack ass muse. 

Hey, it worked for Hemingway. For a while. 

Thanks to our hosts in this weekly check in: LexaL.G, and Tonja Drecker
1. I'm caught up on my laundry!!
2. I visited a few blogs this week. Getting my reading mojo back.
3. Melissa Maygrove's new book is on sale!! It was a great read. I read it in two days, which for me is like record speed.

On Sale for .99!

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