Jumping to Conclusions

Oh, my goodness. That is so bad-- that you have a dirty mind-- but I could not resist.

I am guilty as the next person at jumping to conclusions. Some days, that's all the exercise I get.

For example, when I was in college, we had a large, shared bath/ shower room. When I'd go to shower, I'd leave my post-shower kit (contact solution, moisturizer, etc.) sitting on the ledge above the sinks. One time, I got out of the shower, dug through my basket for my moisturizer and it was gone.

Evidently, someone stole it.

It was there yesterday. Gone today. My brain started running through all the girls on my floor trying to figure out who was the thief. Sure, I knew and loved them all, but somewhere in this gang of friendlies was someone who obviously couldn't be trusted.

Then I went back to my room and there it was-- sitting on my desk.

I wasted precious minutes of my life thinking like a suspicious bitch. Thinking of all the people I knew and thinking bad things about them.

Now, maybe that doesn't seem like a very big deal. But what if I'd opened my mouth and told someone else someone stole something from me? I'd have cast suspicion on people based on nothing more than my own carelessness.

I always think of this moment when I am ready to jump to judgment.

It's always better, always wiser, to take a deep breath and consider the facts before taking action.

Thanks to our hosts LexaL.G, and Tonja Drecker for this weekly good things check in! 

1. My mom is still improving. She's in a health center for rehab. She tires easily, but is looking much better.

2. Son #4, Conner, was diagnosed with suspected staph sores from playing football. As a loooong-time football mom, this revelation didn't even ruffle my feathers. Been there, done that-- why does no one sell a tee-shirt? But word spread around town and there was some panic.

3. Yesterday was the first day of fall. I never look forward to fall, but I do enjoy it once it's here. West Virginia may be at its most gorgeous in the fall.

Photos of WV courtesy of Pixabay 

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