Young Writers

This isn't the actual class. Or did you already guess that?
This week I had the pleasure of hanging out with my sister's creative writing class at Cameron High School. It was a reminder that the world is full of talented writers. Even the kids who only wrote because they were forced, by threat of a lowered grade, showed talent.

I believe it's human nature to be a story teller. Whether we are telling our truths, or making things up, we still use our words and our stories to not only express ourselves and communicate, but as a way of interconnecting humanity.

So, it's no wonder that everyone is gifted with talent.

But talent is hardly enough. Writing is hard work. Once you start laying out all the parts of a story- mechanics, setting, dialogue, characters...even the opening line and closing line of every chapter is its own headache...I often get blank stares. Perhaps some are thinking, Sure, sure...slap some words on a page and sell it for big bucks. Tell me how hard that is. But there is always one believes and asks, "Why would anyone want to be a writer?"


No. There really is only one reason. It's an addiction. Even when there is little money and loads of rejection, they stay in there. Plagued by words...stalked by characters...writers know it's not a matter of choice. Writing is just what they do.

And I'm certain there were more than a few sitting in that class who will one day say, "I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I've been told I suck, and few buy what I'm selling. But will I quit? Oh, hell no...I'm pretty sure the next story will be The One."

Thanks to our hosts LexaL.G, and Tonja Drecker for this weekly good things check in! I'm posting this early, since I won't be posting Friday. 

1. My boys will be home for a week!!!

2. Thanksgiving Day is coming!!!

3. It's Christmas tree getting season!!!               

photo credit: Grade School at Bartley Nebraska via photopin (license)
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