On Perspectives: An IWSG Post

It's been one of those busy weeks where every ounce of progress I've made in any area of my life just sort of feels hidden in the clutter on the floor, or the stacks of mail on the counter. I mean, you know you've made headway, but when you add in a week of appointments, a sick dog, and a bit life drama- you get that exhausting feeling that you've not really accomplished a thing. 

When life's little hassles wear me out, and I crave pulling the blanket over my head and staying in bed, I like to remind myself that right now, somewhere in this world, a child is starving. 

No, I'm not a sicko. I'm just forcing a change of perspective. Sure, I'm up at midnight writing this post as I wash the essential items for tomorrow I cherry picked from a laundry pile that's possibly in need of a building permit...I still have it pretty good. I'm warm, dry, and perpetually overfed. 

Remember, if you're busy counting blessings, you have less time to obsess about the insecurities and the problems. 

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