17 Years

West Virginia has been invaded. Again. As predicted. 

Every seventeen years, Brood V Cicadas, emerge from their underground hovels and swarm all over our lush, green landscape. (*Click here to learn more

Granted, it's a disgusting time of year...especially when walking in the dark and they crunch under my feet and leave gooey guts on my flip flops. 

(Yes, a flashlight would be a good idea, but let's be honest...I dropped out of Girl Scouts after the first meeting. Being prepared in the face of all situations is not my specialty.)

I also hate it when I find one of these critters hitching a ride on my shoulder. 

I'm not sure if this happen naturally, or if it's because I'm married to a big child who finds scaring the crap out of me hilarious. Either way, I often find one perched quietly on my shoulder, imploring me with his beady little orange eyes to offer him a salad and a bed in a houseplant for the night. 

Wait, what was I saying? 

Oh, yeah, these once-every-17-year swarms are disgusting, but they are also fun. 

Not because of the drippy squished guts, or the random hitchhikers. No, they're fun because they because they bring back good memories. 

My first cicada (AKA locust in WV common tongue) invasion was in 1982. My cousin, Ross, was visiting from South Carolina and to impress my girlfriend, he ate one of the creepy, gigantic creatures. So, when I tell people they have a buttery, creamy taste...I'm not going on personal experience. I'm quoting the culinary review of a boy in the midst of puberty with more hormones running than brain cells. 
The second invasion was in 1999. My boys were little then and hardcore bug freaks. On the first night the Cicada were out in droves, my husband and then three boys, ages 5, 3, and 1...went outside with flashlights and little plastic sand buckets to collect the bugs in all their forms- from the shelled larvae, the white newbie, and the black-bodied adult. I watched from the porch with one foot in the house, one out, protected by the screen door...just in case that bucket of bugs was tossed my way. 

Now, they're back...watching from every surface their sticky little feet can hang onto...as we go about the job of making a few more summer memories. 

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Misha Gericke & Beth Fred host this monthly goal update. 

Here's an update on my balanced goals for 2016!

1. Lose weight. I lost a few pounds in the chaos of the last few weeks, but I haven't been exercising or paying attention to my diet. When pounds are lot that way, they're easily found, so I need to get back on track. 
2. Declutter rooms to declutter the mind. I haven't had a bunch of spare time, so what I've been doing is pick spot in a room- a drawer or a closet- and clean it out. It's amazing how addictive order can become. 
3. Publish two books. Swept Away is done. Now, I need to decide on the next project to work on. I have several ideas in my head, but I can't seem to find the words until one of them opens up and starts speaking to me.

Thanks to our hosts LexaL.G, and Tonja Drecker for this weekly good things check in! 

All the boys are home for summer vacation. All of our plan are set for the summer for vacation and a few weekend get-a-ways. Now, I'm broke, but happily looking forward to some family fun.

Swept Away is out, and so far, the feedback from readers is good. I can't help but hold my breath and pray in those first days! I'll gratuitously add the embed below...just in case anyone would like to check it out.

Available now!

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