Playing God 

My faith is strong, but I suck at being religious. All those rules...I usually end up breaking at least a few before the morning coffee is brewed. It's not like I want to be a moral heathen, crap just happens. Trust me, I want to be good and do the right things. But life is complicated and being human can be rough. 

Years ago, frustrated with wading through our gray, chaotic world, I asked my uncle and my cousin, the most devout people I knew, "Where should I stand on this and that?" 

My uncle said, "I know you own a Bible. Read it. Pray on it. That's where you'll find your answers. Never let man, any man tell you what your faith is."

My cousin said, "Never lose sight of the power of grace and love by focusing on the rules."


I had some work to do. I started at the beginning. Page one. Genesis. 

By the time I was even part way through, I decided there was a recurring theme in the Bible. We screw up. God forgives. 

Over and over. From the apple to the crucifixion, humans do dumb things. Now, there is only one thing I'm certain of-- only God can be God, and I'm good with that. 

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