The Frugal Freebie

I've been busy trying to get About Us publication ready. The final lap always sets me behind everywhere else. The end is so close, I hate to pause to do all the other necessary life-things like showering.
I'm joking. I DO shower during the final editing process. Though, I don't often do my hair, make-up, or worry about whether or not my clothes match.

Because this book will be a freebie eBook, I didn't want to pay a bunch for the editing. But I also didn't want to publish an error-filled piece of tripe. So, I enlisted some savvy friends! You may know them- Jo Wake and Sandra Cox. These ladies were sweet enough to help with the editing and error removal.

I also bought Carolyn Howard Johnson's The Frugal Editor. It's a great book for self-editing. Not only are there tips on style and usage, but she breaks it down into editing steps. I've been doing these steps- basically looking at different parts of the story on different read-throughs rather than trying to catch all the mistakes at once. Currently, I am working on the internal dialogue and word echoes. Amazing how many flaws I find when I consider them one by one.

I liked the Frugal Editor so well, I picked up the Frugal Marketer. This book launch will be a credit to these wise, wonderful ladies!

Do you have a book to pitch? Today is the day! 

Twitter Pitch Party Info

Coming May 5th! 

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