Soo, No Frontline for the Kids?

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I totally forgot today yesterday was Friday. I blame it on summer. The warm, sunny rain-soaked days, the lazy nights, and the blood-sucking parasites.

Last Thursday, my son complained of jaw pain and a headache. I got him sinus medicine. It helped, but the headache kept coming back.

My next thought was toothache. I told him not to worry, he had a dental appointment on Wednesday. On Monday, he woke up and the headache was no better. I told him to get showered, he was going to the doctor. When he got out of the shower, the left side of his face was paralyzed. We skipped the doctor's office and headed for the ER.

Initial diagnosis was Bell's Palsy. He was nervous, worried that his face would stay numb forever. I told him not to worry, he'd just look like Sylvester Stallone.

His next worry was that he'd never hear the end of "Yo Adrian" jokes. He was wrong. His brothers got bored with that by midnight.

On Thursday night, a nasty rash appeared and covered most of his torso. Friday morning, we were back at the doctor's office.

His blood tests were back. He had Lyme Disease. As a mom, I was feeling like I dropped the ball on that one. My kid was being infected by a parasite and I was confirming dental appointments. I also found it unnerving that my dogs have better protection against infestation than my kids. And no, you can't use the flea and tick killer on your kids...I checked.

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He has to take antibiotics for three weeks. One of their side effects is sensitivity to the sun. With his
red hair and fair skin, he'll have to take vampire-level precautions.

My poor baby.

Now, I won't say pity has gone to his head, but once we were home, Cole was taking it easy on the couch. He asked for a bottle of water-- icy, not from the tap, with a bendy straw. As I was walking out of the room to fetch it, he said something I'm pretty sure was smart-assed, snarky, or gloating...or a combination of the three. I paused and asked, "What did you say?"

"Uhhh, that I have Bell's Palsy and Lyme disease?"

It's good to see the offending tick didn't drain him of his orneriness, though it is draining the wallet. Add up the hospital bill, the medication, the pizza, the ice cream, and the beer it takes to get healthy and the costs go up and up.

But as long as he's getting better, it ain't no big thing.

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My morning glories are growing! I posted a few weeks ago about these elusive little flowers and how much they hate to grow for me. As of right now, I have vines galore. 

Less than a month before it's beach time! I love to dig my toes in the sand, so I'm ready to get ready. 

And finally, I'm celebrating the health of my family. Sure, we have the one who is now a stat for the CDC, but it's curable. He's going to be okay. 


  1. Watch what is under the sand when you put those toes into it lol just saying

    Lyme disease can do a whole lot of crap. Good they found it early as if not, many of the symptoms can persist for life. Know a lot of people with it. Nasty crap. Hopefully he heals up quick.

    1. I've been reading up on it. Pretty scary long term prognosis for people who don't get treatment. Thank God for antibiotics.

  2. Glad they finally figured it out, Lyme Disease can really mess up a body. Now I know why I don't go out in the woods. Or really beyond my own back yard.

    1. I have to give the ER doc credit. He seemed to know what he was looking for.


  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.

    He deserves your severest patience.

    Which I'm sure he appreciates.

    Ug. Freaking ticks.

    1. I know right? I'm going to start raising possums.

  4. Glad you dear boy will be okay. Ticks, ewww. *shudders*

  5. Oh, Elizabeth! I'm so sorry. Please don't be hard on yourself. I've known a couple of people who had Lyme disease and they had no idea when they got it. They didn't find any ticks on themselves.


    1. The ticks that carry the bacteria are tiny little things. We never found the offending tick either.

  6. Oh, how I loathe ticks. Maybe even more than fleas, and that's saying a lot. Our friends live in TN, and their woods are chuck full of ticks and chiggers. So much so that I chose not to walk in the woods there any more. BUT... I still got bit by a lone star tick when I was there... in the middle of the night! Apparently, one of the pets brought it into the house and shared it with me. Miserable little buggers! (The fleas, not the dogs and cats...)

    Anyhow, your son is VERY fortunate. A diagnosis of Lyme disease is rarely that quick.


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