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My baby is now a high school graduate. My baby! The youngest of the brood. He's all grown up!

Logically, I knew this would happen. When they were born, it was awesome that they were born close enough together to be friends and companions. The drawback to that is they're clearing out of the house one after another. Falling into adulthood like human dominoes.

And know it's my baby registering for college and growing a beard. It's surreal.

A few years ago, he was my baby. The last of the four C's, he was a little spoiled as a little fella. He was the baby. Even his big brothers spoiled him. If he wanted a toy, they handed it over. He was the uncrowned prince of the Seckman clan.

As the baby, he also had to be independent and adaptable. He was only a few days old when he went to his first baseball game. Then he was bundled up and taken to at least three games a week as his big brothers batted their way through little league.

Being the baby also meant learning to dress himself quicker than the others. With four kids under the age of six, everyone was encouraged to grab an outfit and get out of the door. Many times that meant gum boots and pajama tops. It didn't matter as long as he was clothed.

That independent, creative spirit stuck with him into adolescence. His style is his own. From his camouflage slippers to his cat shirts, he dresses only to please himself.

Some might say he's stubborn. I say he's focused. When he decides to do something he does it. Whether it's a tough class or the decision to lose weight, he does it. And that's a good thing, because God help the person who tries to force him to do something against his will.

Recognizing his independent streak, before he started high school, we made a deal. I'd not nag or tell him when or where to do his homework. I'd trust him to get the job done. If he didn't deliver, then he'd never get a license to drive or go hunting. Those were privileges earned by maturity.

He never missed a beat. Sure, there were nights when he was up until the wee hours finishing his work, but he always finished. And he managed to get impressive grades- without a single fight!

It turns out that stubbornness is one of his very best qualities. He's pressure proof. Be it a peer or an adult, Conner doesn't yield to bullying. Push against his principles and he pushes back.

My little buddy, my baby, is now a young man--one that I'm so very proud to call my son. He's simply one helluva a guy. Cat shirts and all.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that he's also an excellent cook! Another one of those things the youngest of four had to learn.

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My morning glories are growing. I posted a few weeks ago about how I can never get them to grow. I planted some seeds a few weeks ago and they are growing. 

I think I have all the paper work and applications finished for Conner to be college-ready this fall. (Still wondering how he grew up so fast!) 

I've been working on my beach play list. We're going to the beach late this year so boy #1, Caleb, can finish his internship and go with us. If you know any beach songs I should add to the list, feel free to share!


  1. Be proud of your little go-getter! And thankful he doesn't wear pajamas outside of the house anymore. Or does he...?

  2. Ah, very nice [don't know the word]. Very sweet.

    Congratulations, Conner.

  3. Congratulations to your son for this milestone and to you for raising such a fine young man :-)

  4. Congrats on your son graduating. I know what you mean about it though. My daughter graduated from high school three years ago and will be graduating from college next year. It is fun watching them grow up but a little hard for us as parents watching them leave our homes.

  5. Congrats to him on graduating. Stubborn is the way to be, get things done that way. Clothes? Pffft up until 5 or so I'd go out of the house without them lol

    1. I was guilty of that myself! Or so my mom used to say...

  6. Kids grow up far too fast. First, they keep you awake with demands for food at 3am; then they keep you awake because they haven't come home by curfew; then they're off to live lives of their own. Speed of light.

  7. Congratulations to the graduate and his mom.


  8. Congratulations to the parents definitely Liz, I think you have done a wonderful job with all four boys. Congrats to Conner of course. Are you going to the Outer Banks again?

    1. Thanks Jo!

      Yes, we are, but not until later in the season this year. We're waiting until Caleb is done with his internship and can go with us- at least for a week of the vacation.

  9. Congratulations Conner!!!
    You're clearly so proud of your youngest, Elizabeth, and he certainly seems like a wonderful young man!
    Suzy xxx

  10. Raising four fine young men in today's world (Heck! In any world!) is quite an accomplishment, and it took a lot of determination from you and your hubby, too. Congratulations! Ya done good!

  11. Congratulation to Conner!!! You've raised great young men, Elizabeth. :)

  12. Huge congrats! I'm sure you're super proud:)

  13. Congrats on your baby! Man. Makes me look at my kids and wonder how time can go by so quickly.

  14. This was a wonderful post. Conner sounds like a lover and a fighter. Great combo.

  15. What a wonderful post, Elizabeth. You are one good mom and I love all the pictures :)


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