Tour Stops; Cover Drops

12:00 AM Elizabeth Seckman 17 Comments

Busy, busy day today!!
 I've never claimed to be a scheduling guru and overbooking myself is what I do best, so I am at 3 stops today!

Ashley Chappell's to explain why I went small press.

Annalisa Crawford's on Reader Feedback

Fanny Barnes Thornton on birthday candles

And I also have the pleasure of having Jessie Andersen stop by with her new cover for her short story, Lemons!

Hi, everyone!  Thanks for stopping by to check out the cover. I’d like to thank Elizabeth for having me.  I’m really excited to share my new cover with you, but first, let me tell you a bit about Lemons, which will release on FEBRUARY 13, 2014. Be sure to check it out on Amazon.

They say when life throws you lemons to make lemonade, but when Ally finds herself in the biggest pickle of her life—stranded on an island in the middle of a lake—fruit and veggies are the least of her worries. Now she’ll have to face the harsh realities of her selfish choices, which means dealing with what happened between her parents a few years ago.
Wanna see the cover now?

Well, here it is!!

If you’d like to know a little more about me and my writing, read on.
My first book, At What Cost was published in 2012. I’ve been writing and writing since then and have nearly completed a dystopian series, which is being sent to publishers. In the meantime, I wrote a short story.  Not sure exactly where it came from. I don’t consider myself a short story writer, but hey, when it comes to you, you have to get it out.

photo credit: Helico via photopin cc


  1. I've already stopped by Annalisa's place! :D

    1. You're so lucky to be close enough you're almost neighbors!

  2. Good to have you over today - off to check out your other stops :-)

    1. It's always fun to visit you! Thanks for having me :)

  3. Juggle much Liz? Congrats to you and Jessie.

    1. Some days I feel like I am, sad thing is...I'm a horrible juggler!

  4. Wow look at you go, on a roll at your show

  5. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth. Can't wait to share this story with everyone next week.

  6. An interesting post that I enjoyed reading. Good luck with your writing.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.


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