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Fate Intended is available for sale and I'm out and about visiting blogs this month. Here's the places you can catch me!

January stops:  Ninja Master Alex M Pax, and Michelle Wallace.
February 3: Mark Koopmans: A Twisted Interview
February 4: Nicole Zoltack on researching outside the box.
February 5: Crystal Colliers playing Truth or Lie
February 6: Christine Rains on being a mom and a writer.
February 7: Ashley Chappell's to explain why I went small press.
February 11: Julie Flanders discussing social work and writing
February 12: Rachel Schieffelbein's for an interview.
February 13: At Jay Noel's talking Fate
February 14: Fate Intended Giveaway: open until end of tour
February 17:  At Carrie Butler's discussing cool spy terms.
February 18:  At Angela Brown's feeling all happy and sappy.  
                    At Jessie Andersen's for an interview with my hubs.
February 19: Brinda Berry: Advice I give my boys about girls.
February 20:  Misha Gericke: Plot and Kevin Bacon
February 21: Jeff Hargett's talking Heaven
February 24: Sheena-kay's to talk P Diddy and books
                    Tara Tyler's to discuss conference pre-game.
                   Tammy Theriault's for twisted beta excerpts. 
                   Ashley Nixon's, how can you help your beloved writer
February 25: Kimberly Afe's for an interview.
February 26:  Lisa Regan's discussing my favorite writer advice.
February 27:  Elise Fallson's for a history lesson
                      Livia Peterson's for my Oscar picks.
February 28:  Jay Mims for an uncoventional interview  
                    Medeia Shariff's to discuss book like vs. love 

And the final stop on Saturday...whew...

March 1: Suzy Turner's for a Fate Intended excerpt

Fate Intended is the third book in the Coulter Men Series.  Trip is the last of the Coulter sons to find love. He’s a handsome man with all the skills a young spy needs to succeed. But when it comes to love, he misses the target. Jane is a sweet beauty who may or may not be wanted for murder. She’s hiding out as a cleaning lady when chance brings her and Trip together. It looks like a happily ever after is in the cross hairs until reality tries to destroy what fate has intended.

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