The Five Santas

9:38 PM Elizabeth Seckman 0 Comments

Every writer's dream...their words in print. 
What’s a sure fire way to get me to brag about your book?  
Thank me in the acknowledgements. 
Just joking, I’m not really quite as shameless as that…close, but not totally. I’ll gladly do it as a favor for a long as I like the book.
And Jay Mims' first book fits the bill. I like him and his book.
It’s a clever little murder mystery debuting the quirky soft shoe detective, Dan Landis. Dan will keep you giggling…oh but giggling is hardly the right word. It's not exactly manly…and Dan is definitely manly…so I shall say he will keep you grinning as you turn the pages.
Now murder and comedy don’t often go hand in hand, but in "The Five Santas" it does. I believe  the gentle writer, Mr. Mims, should be ashamed of himself for making the death of not just one, but several Santas a laughing matter, but he isn't. 
But oh well, what do you expect from a writer who sends his main character out in sophisticated black and day glo socks? 
Good luck Mr. Mims and long live the adorable Dan Landis.  

Here's the Amazon link...hope it and your credit card works ;)


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