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May 1 question - How do you deal with distractions when you are writing? 
I don't deal with distractions. I am sidetracked by almost anything and everything. I'm getting this IWSG post in right under the midnight hour deadline. How's that for distracted? But hey, at least it's better than last month when I forgot completely and posted nothing. 
Do they derail you? 
Abso-freaking-lutely. That's the thing about trains and life, if you go too fast, it's way easier to fly off track. Fortunately, we have the IWSG each month and that's a great reminder that you'll been failing at all your writer goals and it's time to shift down, go a little slower, and remember all the things you need to do. 

Join us!

Thank you to our awesome co-hosts for this month’s posting! Victoria Marie Lees, Kim Lajevardi, Nancy Gideon, and Cathrina Constantine!


  1. Life is not a race, though it feels like it sometimes!

  2. Pure honestly -- I don't deal with distractions. I suppose that's actually true for me too. 😁

  3. Very true that if you fly too fast you'll sail off course.

  4. My body goes slow but my mind races. If only they would match up. :)

  5. I feel this post. Distractions derail me so badly sometimes. The only thing I can do is not beat myself up for it.

  6. I like the quote you started with. It's so too. And yes, it's important to slow down and focus on what's important to you. I'm going through one of those moments right now.

  7. I think a lot of creative people are very easily distracted. A little ADD? I definitely believe I have some. :)


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