A Car, a Boat, and a Helicopter

Years (and years) ago, I worked as a waitress while I was in college. I was a terrible waitress. My short term memory is awful and I'm a bit clumsy and awkward in real life.

The only part of waitressing that I did well was absorb the stories people shared with me like a sponge. I'd forget your straw, but I still remember so many of the tales. One fella, a retired minister, shared a modern-day parable with me that has stuck with me for a lifetime.

The story goes like this...

A once-in-a-lifetime storm was predicted to hit a sleepy little valley town. Being in a valley, there was going to be record flooding. Everyone was warned to evacuate. And most everyone did; all but one. There was one fella who was faith-filled. His trust in God was unshakable. He KNEW God would deliver him from this storm.

He sat on his front porch and watched his neighbors pack up and head out of town. The last neighbor to leave stepped up on the man's porch and offered him man a ride out of town.

The man was committed. He didn't need a ride. He had faith. God would save him.  

The rain started to fall and the flood water rose up past the porch. Soon, the man had to head to the second floor of his house to escape the rising water. 
He stood, looking out his window, praying for deliverance when a man in a boat rowed up to his window and said, "Buddy, you're gonna drown. Hop in my boat."
"No," the man said. "I have faith. God will save me."

The water kept rising. As the sun began to set, the old man climbed from the second floor to his roof. Soon, a helicopter passed overhead, pausing to drop a rescue ladder. The old man yelled for them to move along...he would wait on God.


By morning, the old man was washed away and drowned in the flood water. When he reached Heaven, he was spitting mad. He shook a fist at God and said, "I had faith. An unwavering trust in you and You let me down!" 

God said, "Hey, I sent you a car, a boat, and a helicopter. What more did you want?"

How about you? Have you overlooked any blessings lately? Heard any stories that stuck with you for a lifetime? 

Images by Günther SchneiderHolger Feulner; and Thomas Wolter from Pixabay

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