Damn It, Game of Thrones.

Beware, this post is all spoiler and bitching. If you're not caught up, go away right now. 

To call Sunday's GOT episode jolting is an understatement. I've been mad since I watched it. Sure, I'm used to GOT killing off beloved characters. It's kinda the show's calling card. That and incest. 

For example, I knew the tiny Lady Lyanna Mormont was toast the minute she showed herself to be noble, dependable, and fierce. She was waaayyy too likable.  

GOT to go. 

What I wasn't ready for was the show to take a beloved character and turn her into a cold-blooded nasty little bi-otch. 

I was so mad. I  did that annoying writer thing for days where I incessantly ranted about crap like the lack of a character arc...where was the foreshadowing? The motivation?  You need all of that to take an epic hero and turn her into the biggest villain yet! By the end of the show, Daenarys made Cercei look like a humanitarian. 

Who saw that coming? 

After some reflection, I recalled the horse-heart meal. That was pretty vicious. But she did it for a good cause. It was supposed to make her baby stronger and got her the admiration of her studly husband. 

Seems the girl will do anything for love. Even burn herself alive when her man dies. 

And she was overly obsessed with that whole "bend the knee" BS. For a chick who went on and on about equality, she was all about lowering people. Probably came from insecurity. She was diddling her nephew, and unlike Cercei, she couldn't get her incestuous lover to overlook that minor detail.

She also has that savior mentality that can never be trusted. Almost any time in history that a leader rises with the promise of ending all the world's woes by singe-handedly dolling out fairness...it's almost always a bad sign. 

Hold on, it's time for the flip-flop. Just like this season of GOT, I will go on and on about trivial things and then make whiplash direction changes. 

After some, not a lot, of consideration, I am now mad at the show for being utterly predictable. Why is it that every strong female character has to be made crazed by lost love? Lose one guy, walk in fire. Lose another, burn down a city. 

Oh, and if your family is crazy, you're probably crazy too. 

Paaaleease, could we have some originality in a plot? 

Maybe next week, we'll find out her son is alive and maternal kindness will flip her back. Or maybe the whole infertility via witch report will be inaccurate and she and Jon will be expecting their son/nephew/cousin or daughter/niece/cousin and she will lighten up and regret the massacre. 

No matter what, they ruined a great character. I'd never thought I'd say it, but even Bran is more likable now. 


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