Dealing with Fall

Fine. It's fall. I accept it, mostly because I can no longer deny it. The night air is cool, football is in full swing, and I'm seeing more and more dead leaves on the trees. Sure, fall is beautiful and all that, but it's not my favorite season. It always leaves me feeling a little bummed. No matter how pretty the colors, I know gray skies are coming. No amount of pumpkin flavored spice will ever make that fine in my book.
But I am a firm believer in accepting the inevitable, mostly because I'm pragmatic and never choose to fight battles I know I cannot win, partly because I hate to waste energy. So, instead of complaining (overly much) about the change in the calendar, I have made myself a new to-do list in one of the fresh new notebooks I bought during the back to school sales. That way I have something positive to focus on. I'm like a toddler, distraction is the best behavioral tool.

So, what are some of my goals for this month? 

1. Fifteen minutes of writing a day until this story is finished.  (Check out Elizabeth Spann Craig's post on the the idea!)

2. Update my author photo. It's twelve years and twelve pounds old. 

3. Paint the foundation around my house. 

4. Complete a sit up without looking like I'm being tortured. 

5. Breathe more often, AKA taking fun breaks and dragging Mr. Seckman along with me. 

So, are you one of those people who drag their feet into fall or one of those annoying charming people who start looking for pumpkins in August? 

Image by Agata from Pixabay
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