It's Party Time!

 As long as it's virtual. 

Tonight I'm dropping in on a Facebook party to help Ava Lynn Wood celebrate her new release, Slade. If you've never done a Facebook party or a take-over, It's a fast-paced way to meet new readers. During a promotion or book launch, the host author will invite other authors to come "share" their Facebook page or Facebook reader group. Tonight's party, there is a different author posting every half hour. Authors will post "games" for people to play for fun and other games or directives, such as "like my page", to win prizes. 

Here's a few games I found on the internet to give you an idea of some of the things party-goers can be asked to comment on. Kind of like ice breaker meets sales pitch. I usually choose my winners by using from the group of commenters. 

Get the idea? Quick, interactive fun that offers the author a chance to sell books and for party-goers to win free books, gift cards, and whatever else a writer might want to give away, 

If you want to check one out, I'll be guest hosting tonight at 8:30 PM at Crystal's Cozy Corner Blog to celebrate her Ava Lynn's new book, Slade

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