Boob Chat. A Post on Breast Feeding

Years ago, when I had my first son, I decided to breast feed. At that time in my area, breast feeding wasn't overly common- at least not among the people I knew. Even at the hospital where I delivered, there was a lot of misinformation and not much support for my decision.

The nurse on duty in the nursery actually tried to talk me out of doing it. She insinuated I'd starve my baby trying to nurse him. I'll never forget her telling me that I could "try" the nursing thing, but the baby would have to be weighed after feedings and given bottle supplements if he wasn't heavier by however many ounces.

That was a lot of pressure, but I was always obstinate where my kids were concerned. No matter how much I sweated and stressed trying to do the most unnaturally natural thing, I stuck with it until one day it was the easiest thing on earth and I couldn't remember why I ever thought it was so hard.

But it WAS hard. I remember wondering how in the world humanity had survived so many centuries when nothing about the baby process seemed easy. Delivery? Awful. Recovery? Painful. Nursing? Awkward as an adolescent at their first dance.

With all of this in mind, when my niece, Tabitha, announced she planned to breast feed, I didn't want to be the one to tell her all the negatives. Instead, I told her what a friend told me- nursing feels impossible and then one day, you'll wonder why you ever had a problem with it because it's suddenly so much easier (and cheaper!) than the hassle of formula and bottles.

Fast forward to now, my niece did so well, she's gone pro! She's not just your average breast feeding alumni, she's now a certified lactation consultant. To help other moms, she's started a blog and a Facebook group. I sure wish I had had this sort of resource twenty-five years ago!

Paislee, Tabitha, and Abe

Tabitha Hartman Howell is a wonderful mom to two perfect kids, Paislee and Abram. Check out her blog here or visit her Facebook page here.
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