Goody Bags & Update

It's a hardy little tree
Last summer, I found this sapling growing in a chunk of fire wood. I knew it would never survive the winter, so I plucked it and stuck it in a pot. After a few weeks indoors, it looked sickly and dead. I almost tossed it, but I don't give up that easily. I kept watering the poor dead-looking little thing. The other day, I was watering my plants and I was amazed to find the barren sticks were sprouting leaves.  Seems it has more life left in it after all.

A perfect reminder to keep the faith.

With the virus working its way all over, I've been obsessively checking the US and world Covid 19 maps. Some days, when the sun is out and the birds are chirping, I feel like summer and a corona-free life is just around the corner. But then, usually after obsessively checking the maps, I feel like it's inevitable that we're all going to get it eventually. I mean, sooner or later we'll have to go out for supplies and some day, we'll have to go back to work. We can only live off the "essential workers" for so long. But every day hunkered down curbs the impact and fingers crossed, gives us time to find a treatment, or even better, a vaccine.

But still, it's definitely anxiety provoking. My mother died of a regular flu, so humans feel very vulnerable to me right now. I think of all the people among my friends and family who have underlying condition and could be at risk. It's scary. But even in the worst of times, we must look for the upsides. So, here's my list:.

1. We're learning to wash our hands.
2. We're learning that it's better to be prepared at all times than to try to stock up in a crisis.
3. More people are out walking their dogs now that gym are closed. Dogs of the world rejoice!
4. More immediate family time. My kids are all teens and early twenty-somethings. I've convinced them they're probably contagious, so they stay at home with their mom.
5. A house full of boys during a quarantine. means a lot of food prep and constant laundry. Staying busy stops me from obsessing over maps.

Before I go, I must brag a little about my "major award". I got my chocolate goody pack from Robyn Engel's Valentine's Self-love poetry challenge. Poor gal had to mail me two packages. It seems sending a box full of interesting chocolates tempts the postal people a bit too much. The first send was a fail. The second time was a charm! Check out my card. Robyn made it special. It's most definitely a keeper!

My goodies! Go ahead, be jealous. 
It should be said that even the Seckman family pets approve. Artemis knew before the rest of us that inside the pretty package was good stuff. Poor girl got nothing...even after begging so hard!

Tali Cat, on the other hand, happily ran off with a ribbon to call her own. 

I know, you're jealous. Best of luck to you next time.

Stay healthy, folks and don't hug your loved ones who are fragile.
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