Homage to AC

My third grade class. Our elementary school was new with a "modern" design and windows that didn't open, so the school was forced to eventually put in AC. All through Junior High and High School, we had no AC, but those windows did open. If you're curious...I'm in the 2nd row behind #12. 

I must express my love and adoration for my air conditioner. I grew up in a house without AC and I remember how hard it was to stay cool when the temperatures rose, like they are now. Cold baths before bed. Baby powdered arms and legs in an effort to beat the sweat. Sometime in the 80s, my parents had ceiling fans installed in every room of the house. That was a red letter summer! Though I still spent a lot of time in front of a box fan. I'd lie on the floor, I suppose because heat rises making floor level the coolest zone, and practically hug the fan. No need to worry about the unnatural wind messing up my hair. West Virginia humidity gives me one choice of summer hair--fuzzy and wild. 

Summer heat also made eating more interesting. No one wanted to add any extra heat to the house by cooking, so there was a lot of BBQ'ing and there was my parent's favorite, the cold soup--Gazpacho. I hated the stuff, though it was a summer, no-cooking-needed staple. I preferred tomato sandwiches. I still love tomato sandwiches. I have seven tomato plants currently growing. Mmmm. Grow babies, grow!  

When it got really hot, my friends and I would sleep on someone's back porch. The heat must have made us impervious to mosquito bites. I don't recall bugs being a problem as we slept in the open air on top of sleeping bags with nothing but line-dried sheets for cover. 

Ahh, the good old days. They make for a pleasant walk down memory lane, but I'm still giving my AC a hug and an at-a-girl for keeping my house comfy as I remember-when. Stay cool, my friends. If not in body, at least in spirit. 🌞  

Is it obvious that I wasn't at all sure of what to write about? I need to make a list of post ideas so that when I sit down to write, I actually have something to write about. Though, as I sit here in my cool air that isn't dripping with humidity, I am definitely in love with my AC.  

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