Official Seal of Approval

 Years ago, a writer told me that if she couldn't get a writing contract from a large publishing house, she would quit writing because writers who couldn't make it traditionally were clutter in the world of literature. 
The comment was like a gut punch that caused my very first case of insecurity-induced writer's block. What right did I have to call myself a writer if I didn't have industry validation? 
Should I quit? Was I single-handedly undermining the quality of literature? Was my estimation of self-publishing and small publishing as the equivalent of the brave pioneer in the industry misguided and...dare I say...dangerous???  
Then logic-fed defiance kicked in. Writing isn't brain surgery. Now, that's an occupation that should NEVER be done as a hobby. I 100% adamantly insist that NO ONE should EVER attempt brain surgery without all the validations and credentials required. Attempts at amateur brain surgery is murder. 
DON'T DO IT!!!! It's a BAAAADDD idea! 
But you can be an amateur writer. You can even learn as you go because no one ever keeled over from a poorly written book. 
Honestly, I've decided that it takes some arrogance to think that stories are as critical and dangerous as brain tinkering thus requiring any sort of validation and accreditation. 
Or maybe it wasn't arrogance at all. Maybe it is also insecurity that makes some writers want to clear the field of competition by insisting on yielding authority to gate keepers. 

Who knows! But I'm here with a solution. If you're one of those writers who need a seal of approval to get to work, I made you one. Feel free to wear it with honor as you write on. 

Thank you to this month's awesome co-hosts! Liza at Middle Passages, Shannon Lawrence, Melissa Maygrove, and Olga Godim! Wantt o be part of the insecure crew? Follow the link and join us!Follow the link and join us!

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay
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