There's an App for That!

12:00 AM Elizabeth Seckman 16 Comments

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I'm too tired to be insecure this month. 

All my kids are home- the two college boys are on break. One is working, the other is doing an internship. That has me running people here and there, just like the old days when they all joined too many sports and clubs, and we lived in the family van. 

We weren't homeless...we were just never at home. 

But I hate to simply whine about being behind. I mean we're all busting A to keep up. (Some people just aren't as good at poor planning and pitiful organization as I am.)

To offset the negative, I wanted to share a little bit of positive inspiration.

But I was too tired to think of any. 

Fortunately, there is an app for that.

So, here's some inspiration from the INSPIRATION APP. 

(It's FREE by the way :)


  1. If all else fails, there is an app for that lol

  2. There is an app for everything!
    Except one that will shuttle your family around town.

  3. Our summer is going to be about like yours. LOL Good thing I finished the book!

    Great quotes! And look how you pulled that post right out of your-

    I'll be going now... :P
    IWSG #126 until Alex culls the list again.

  4. I love the Frost quote and the Fitzgerald one. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh, I like the Edison quote...

    We can ALWAYS use inspiration... Thanks Elizabeth.... nice to know it's just a "click" away....

  6. Hope you find time to catch your breath. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. There's an app for everything! This one I might use though.

  8. You always make me laugh, always :-) And I'm downloading that app!

  9. I'm with Jamie! You have such a way with words and I always laugh!!! Love this app, thanks for using it today for our benefit!

  10. Great app. I hope you get some sleep!

  11. I didn't know there was an application for that. I wonder if there would be one that makes my homework. That would be awesome. Dragon Hugs!

  12. Edison's quote sticks with me the best. There is an app for everything but taking those kids places and letting you sleep in. My sister is on an internship and my parents have to take her there and back too.

  13. Ha! talk about behind, I'm only now getting comments on IWSG!!! I'm still trying to put together all of my marketing pieces so I can actually, you know, publish books and stuff. So yeah, I feel you on the behind. Like could we get another four or five hours tacked onto every day please?


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