Life's a Beach!

11:22 PM Elizabeth Seckman 16 Comments

The only bathing suit pic
I will EVER post!

What's the best vacation spot?

That's easy! The beach, baby. 

I was born to be a beach bum. 

It's the place where flip flops and windswept, saltwater hair are high style. Where sunglasses are the only accessory. 

It's the best place to relax. It's our primordial cradle. Our reminder that no matter how big we think we are; we are small. A drop in the ocean. A grain of sand. 

It's timeless and eternal. It's the same water Jesus stepped out on. That the Titanic sank in. That will fill a cloud and become rain- that will nourish a field and feed the world. 

It's simple in its beauty. Complex in its creation. It's recreation on a good day and destruction at its worst. It's the yin and yang of the universe. 

And it's the best place to make sand castles. 

Now, what's not to love about that?

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  1. That was a pretty racy bathing suit photo. You sure you're comfortable with that? :-)

    The beach... yep. I grew up at the beach - spent most Summer days body-surfing at the southern portion of Santa Monica Beach (called "Dogtown" in the 1970s).

    I had it made, and didn't even need the shade.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. Perfect description of a very popular vacay spot!

  3. You're so right about the beach---the yin and yang of the universe.

  4. I like your description of the beach better than the actual beach!

  5. But sand goes in places sand shouldn't go lol

  6. I was having a tough time deciding on a beach safari today, or an urban one. Now you have me vacillating again.

  7. Love your way with words! Reminded me of all I love about the beach. Somehow, though, as I grow older, I have less tolerance for sun and sand all day. I like a cloud or at least overcast day for the beach now, and a beach house/cabin I can walk back and forth to! With those qualifications, I'd be right there with you!

  8. The beach is nice, but getting the sand out of your clothes and your car is a pain. LOL

    I've got a better swim suit photo. :D

  9. I am like the rest of the group, I don't mind being on the beach but I hate all the sand and in fact prefer sitting on the pier looking at the beach. I do love the ocean though, it is wonderful to watch in all its moods. Love your descriptions Liz.

  10. I agree. The beach is perfect! We're eight hours away from the closest one, so we only go about once every few years, sadly.

  11. I grew up in Southern California and I do miss the beach. The English coastline is stunning, but they don't really have the warm days and water.

  12. Ah, I love the beach! Or, any water really. When I lived in North Carolina, I went to the beach all the time, but living in North Texas now... it's quite a drive to get to the gulf. So I just hit up lakes.
    I'd love to go see some mountains or canyons, or something.

  13. Nicely put, Elizabeth. I couldn't agree more. I am always happiest by the water. That is why I have never lived more than a few miles away from any shore.

    ENJOY you summer at the beach!

  14. I love the ocean. The beach is just a nice side product. In fact I don't mind those rocky gravely beaches at all. No sand to get everywhere. I just want to sit and watch and listen. Sigh. Happy spot.

  15. I love the beach - when it's quiet and empty, though. Mostly I love the sound of the waves crashing into rocks or simply lapping up to my feet.

  16. My kids are quite insistent that this summer we must visit the beach. :)


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