Oh, Sweet Muffin!

6:00 AM Elizabeth Seckman 12 Comments

Today I'm visiting Jay Noel today discussing some presidential love. Come on over and say hi!

Now, let's talk Muffins....

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I'm part of C. Lee McKenzie's team to help with the A-Z Challenge. "The Muffin Commando Squad" includes Lee, Tara Tyler, Donna McDine, Tammy Theriault, Carrie Butler, Patricia Lynne, Tyrean Martinson, Yvonne Ventresca, and me. Each member of the squad is answering a few introductory questions so everyone gets to know our sweet team a little better.

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Now, to answer my questions!

Who are you anyway? I am the boss. I have the answer to any question...even if I have to make it up. 

Favorite Food: peanut butter. I bet you thought I'd say chocolate. A gal can't live on chocolate alone, but she can survive on peanut butter. 

What kind of muffin would I be? I'll go with cinnamon. Sweet and matches my hair. 

An image of myself: 
Thanks to Tammy Muffin for sexying me up!


  1. Just visited Jay.
    Peanut butter - good answer. Tastes great on everything. Especially pancakes.

  2. Being the boss sure has its perks

  3. Nice belt buckle! ;) And my mom used to make us choccolate chip pancakes that we then spread peanut butter on, topped w/syrup. We were probably bouncing off the walls the rest of the day! =)

  4. The Muffins are awesome! :D

    I could put peanut butter on anything.

    The picture Tammy made for you is cute!

  5. You go girl, with that slit up the side and dollah bill buckle!
    I love peanut butter!!

  6. Mmmmm muffins.... chocolate muffins, especially ;)
    Looking sexy there, Elizabeth lol!

  7. Love your answers! And great pic, boss lady!

  8. I love cinnamon - sprinkle it on my oatmeal - yummy. Proud to be on The Muffin Command Squad with you!

  9. Tucker (my dog) would love you. He wants peanut butter on everything!

  10. I recognize a boss when I see one! You've got what it takes. I'm a peanut butter fan as well.

  11. Who doesn't love peanut butter Wait, one of my best friends doesn't. Don't worry, we give her hell for that. ;)


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