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Multi-published author, Suzy Turner is stopping by! 
Suzy Turner

In this business, you run into plenty of good writers, but every now and then, you run into one who has an idea that seems so fresh and sensible you wonder why you didn't think of it yourself. That's how I felt when I accidentally ran into Suzy's book trailer blogs. 

Yep, blogs dedicated to book trailers.

What a novel idea! 

A place where a reader can go to learn a little about a book before clicking purchase and a place for writers to air a trailer for a little much coveted exposure.

So, I contacted Suzy. And she was nice enough to not only use my trailer, but she answered questions and sent me the cover art for her upcoming YA novel scheduled for release November 14, 2012!

You are originally from the UK, right? 
That's right. I was born in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

And now you're living where? (and just saying, for a chick who doesn't even own a Visa, I am soooo jealous!)

LOL... you can come visit any time :)

I live in the Algarve, Portugal, with my husband. I've lived here since I was ten (26 years eek!) but we're planning our own adventure soon... we're hoping to move to England or Scotland (although if we could, we'd go to America or Canada - our other two favourite places!)

America would love to have you! Just tell them you're tired and part of a huddled mass at the border and they'll let you right in.

How does being multi-national kind of gal affect your stories?
I try to incorporate different aspects into my writing. For example, in The Raven Saga, Lilly starts off in England, but then goes to Canada and when she's there she realises there are Portuguese people in the family. In The Ghost Of Josiah Grimshaw I've included characters from all over the globe!

How long have you been writing? And tell us a little about your books...

I started writing seriously in 2010 (although I did write my first book over 10 years ago but I've never published it). The Raven Saga is about a young girl whose parents vanish and she has to move to Canada to live with a grandfather she never knew existed. It's full of supernatural elements with vampires, changelings, werewolves, nephilim, ghosts, etc. The Morgan Sisters is a new series about two very different teenage sisters who investigate all kinds of paranormal events and crimes. My books are aimed at Young Adults although many of my readers are my age!

Your trailer blog spot! What a great idea! Jealous of that too!!! I mean it seems so simple, yet such an awesome tool for readers and writers. 

Thank you! I love it too! I actually have three going now. The YA Trailer Park for all YA books, Chick Lit Trailer Park for books aimed at women, and the newest one, The Book Trailer Park for all other book genres. I love watching book trailers, I think they're a really good way of getting the feel of a book across.

Any tips for new writers? 
Persevere and stay positive. When you first start out, you might only sell a few copies every month, but gradually that figure will rise and before you know it, you'll have a really good readership behind you! That and be sure to use a really good cover designer :)

Bonus question! Shoes with heals higher than three statement or future neck, leg, and back tragedy?

Fashion statement, definitely! However, as I've gotten older I find them more and more difficult to walk in so maybe they're a bit of both! I love heels though... sigh.

With my coordination and balance? I've always been a flats girl. Walking in high heals is skill!!

And NOW...wait for it...the cover for the upcoming release!!!

To Be Released November 2012.
Suzy's Amazon profile and Purchase Info


  1. Great interview! Thanks to both. I'll be checking out Suzy's trailer blogspots :-)

  2. This was a great interview! And all the books look so amazing!

  3. Thanks for having me on your awesome blog, Elizabeth! It was such fun!

    And thank you Linda and Ashley for your kind comments :)

  4. Those are some fab covers. I think these are all page-turners!

    Thanks for introducing Suzy, Elizabeth!

  5. I love these covers and it was great learning about Suzy.


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