That's a W...Dance to That!!!

9:21 AM Elizabeth Seckman 10 Comments

Special thanks to Emily and Kelley !!!
This bloghop was fun.
And it's even better cause I won.
And being the praise junkie that I am...I am blowing  my own horn.
Didn't see it? You can read my entry HERE

ALSO...I hit 100 followers during this little fun fest!!!
So let's give another big shout out to Kelley and Emily for that too.
(And thanks to my son Cole, who is the official 100th follower because I was tossing around ideas for a give away and he thought that meant the 100th person got a prize, so he hurried up and followed then yelled, "what do I win?!"...we won't analyze why my own flesh and blood wasn't following...I'll save that for therapy if I ever find the time, the money, or the inclination to go.

Be watching for the give brain is cooking...but not today...I am relishing in my 
(that's for winner, not wiener)
Now click below and meet some beautiful, awesome gals!


  1. Congrats, Elizabeth! You and your hubby are ADORABLE.

  2. Thanks was a lot of fun.

  3. Congrats your entry was great. Your hubbys line about the red dress was classic.

  4. Yay for 100! That is so exciting :)

    1. Yes it is. And I have you and Cassie to thank for many of those and I am forever grateful!

  5. Congrats on 100!!!! That is a huge milestone. And thank you for stopping by my blog. :)

    1. Thanks! And I'll most certainly be moseying around your site as often as I can!


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