Happy Mother's Day Corkster!!!

4:00 AM Elizabeth Seckman 5 Comments

This is my mom (and my brother and me)

My mom raised 5 kids. 4 of them were rotten.
1 of them was perfect.
And that perfect child wants to say...

Happy Mother's Day 

They don't make them any better than my mom.
She's the kind of mom who tells a little girl she CAN be a writer.
She just has to work at it.
And not give up.
She's the kind of mom who anchors her children with roots
and never clips their wings.
She's the kind of mom who misses those we've lost every day.
But  we forget,
because she doesn't complain.

I think she's perfect.

Even if we can't take her out in public!


(*Dearest Good Sister Catherine...you thought you'd bested me with the charcoal of Dad, but I'm still a contender!!)


  1. Your mother sound like a great lady!! My mum is stellar too :D

  2. Happy Mothers Day! Your mom seems great :)

  3. OMGosh... was reading Caleb's speech and I scrolled too far and up popped your Mom's pic....

    Nearly. Peed. Myself.

    Just so you know... Funniest Mom's Day Post I've read this week... er, well, it's the *only* one I read... but... Oh, boy... heading back to Caleb's speech...


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