Using My Words in an Interview

9:21 AM Elizabeth Seckman 15 Comments

Today I'm over at Cassie Mae's blog answering a few painless questions..she didn't ask me my weight, so that makes her an interview genius!
 She also didn't get me lunch. :( 

Buuut, she did help me out with a wonderful blog critique (she'll do one for you need to pout!) and she said so many sweet things about me I should buy her lunch. But travel is a problem.

Instead I offer her this little morsel. ;)  

Feel free to go nose to chest, Cassie. He's virtually all yours. 
(Cheesy pun totally intended!)

So head on over by clicking your heels together and saying "I want to go home"...if that doesn't work
                                        CLICK HERE


  1. Lol, yay! Marine man's chest! If only he wasn't holding that microphone. :)

    1. hehe...I didn't even notice that!!!

      ummmm....he's singing you a love song, yeah that's it! A romantic serenade!

  2. Whoah Cassie, remember your hubby. Yes Liz he's handsome. Reading your interview on Cassie's blog. Love it! Giving you a follow and have a nice day.

  3. Replies
    1. Yours was great! I had it in my mind as I answered, didn't want to embarrass myself as the follow up!

      Good luck on your book! I plan to read it to my kids. Then I brag that I know the author. ;)

  4. thanks for the comments and cassie will be happy!

    1. I enjoy your blog, and I owe Cassie, she's helped my blog quite a bit.

  5. Loved your interview on Cassie's blog. She is so fun and you guys made the best team! Loved it. You're so awesome and I think your blog rocks!!!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks jaylen...and I'll finish your last's worth a million dollars...and I'll take that in cash. :)


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