Keeping love alive...the smelly truth

10:34 AM Elizabeth Seckman 8 Comments

My family stunk. Literally. 

That sort of admission may shock you, but hey, I believe in being candid. 

And honestly, our stench was sending me to a really dark place.

It all started with my love affair with George. I had my eye on him for years, lusted after his shiny white skin and his promises to make my life easier. I moved him into the basement and thought nothing in my life was more beautiful. I could sit for hours in front of him, staring into the open window of his soul as he tumbled and tossed my dirty laundry.

Ahh, George…with his fabulous spin till nearly dry cycle and his ability to handle any load without a fuss…he was perfection and I loved him. 

Sadly, this summer I noticed our clothes were starting to stink. Freshly washed in the finest detergents, rinsed in top of the line softeners, even line dried…a funky smell remained.

I was crushed. 

George let me down. And I won’t lie. It hurt.

This Saturday, as I stuffed him with muddy football gear, I marveled at his ability to be flexible and adjust to the awkward load. I ran a hand along his cool exterior and I wished beyond all wishes that we could rekindle that initial joy, that first love perfection. 

My husband scoffed at George and said with disgust, “Watch that damn thing last 30 years.”
His meaning was clear. He wished George dead. 

I wished he didn’t smell bad, but to wish him to the trash pile…lonely and scared…I couldn’t ask for that.
So, I did my research. I looked online and asked around. I scrubbed his tub and ran an empty load of bleach then one with vinegar (I didn’t mix together…didn't want a vapor cloud…we were out to save the love, not make a suicide pact!). I promised to give him the time he needed with his door open between washes; a little ‘me time’ for the guy who spends most of his days and nights washing and spinning. 

Today? I’m proud to admit he smells better. This morning’s laundry carries the sweet smell of fabric softener, not the foul smell of mold. 

I guess my love with George is like any other love…you can’t take it for granted and sometimes you have to invest a little energy in keeping things fresh.

Elizabeth <3’s George. BFF’s forever, or until one of our motors wear out.


  1. I'll have to keep that in mind about washer care! Yay for preserving the things we love!

  2. Not to bad mouth George~ but I had a top loader washer for 15 years and never had to show it any love~ but George and I are in it for the long haul, so I'll cater to his high maintenance needs. :)

  3. Are front-loaders more prone to getting a little B.O. after a few years? I have a front loader that's starting to get moldy along the seal. Lovely. I haven't named mine though, so if I ever have to say goodbye, I don't think there will be tears! Unless I'm looking at the bank account. ;)

  4. Kristen~ I think it's totally a front loader problem. From what I found out...the door has an airtight seal, so no air ever circulates unless you leave the door open. I always closed my door when not in use...fear the kids would rip it off...cause well, they're animals most days. I scrubbed the seal (it was gross) and ran an empty load with bleach; then with vinegar and it seems to have solved the problem.

  5. no, i don't think it is just a 'front loader' problem. i am afraid that all of the "George's" in our lives have the same smelly tendencies. i, for one, have been pretty hard on my washers. i expect so much: i stuff until there is not an inch of room to spare & then i wonder why it takes so long for our clothes to dry. (i know there are others out there like me.) anyway, back to the topic at hand. we had to purchase a new washer last fall. i chose to go with an 'he' toploader. (upon the recommendation of my washer repairman who knows me & my appliances very well.) this new washer has it's very own 'bathing' albeit cleaning cycle. never again will our clothes taut the odor of 'souredness' or 'mildewiness'.

  6. Lisa~ I was so jealous when the he toploaders came along...but I was already committed to George, and until death do us part...kinda glad to hear they have a bit of a smelly side too!

  7. You've got me sold on the vinegar solution (haven't done bleach yet). My 5yo started wetting the bed again, and I was washing the sheets with a cup of vinegar and setting it to auto-soak to get the smell out of them. My washer is already starting to smell better! Oh, and I've been keeping the door open between washes too.

  8. Glad to hear Kristen. Well glad to hear the washer is smelling better, not that you have a bed wetter. Had my share of bed wetters, but I won't name names...they're all big enough to hurt me now!!


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