As Long as the Band Plays...

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During this ‘trying to get published adventure’ I spend quite a bit of time cheering on and being cheered on by other writer friends ( and of course by my husband, who I must add has recently asked to be included in the edit process and I am now imagining all the poignant places he’ll want to add some fight/sex  scenes and  spandex bikini wardrobe changes…but that’s a topic for another time…)
For today, as I closed an email from a friend who offered up all the love and support a wavering wannabe could ask for, I decided it was only right to give back. So this is a post for the aspiring writers.  

*Now, I know not everybody in the world wants to get a book published, but for the half of the world that does, here's a thought...

Getting an agent or an editor is like dating. You shower and dress pretty for each date. But not every date ends in a score. Sure, some have more luck than others and their every date becomes a sure thing, but they are the exception, not the rule.
For the rest of us? Plan to put your party shoes on and dance till your feet blister and you think your shoes just might wear out...then you may be getting close to that magical moment when the stars align and love strikes.
What to do until then?
1. Enjoy each date. There's something to learn from each one...even the toughest 'don’t call me’s, I’ll call  you’s' teach you something.
2. Respect your date. Just because they didn't show the love doesn't make them an idiot. Follow up hate mail will only flag you as the idiot that you are.
3. Don't make every date a blind date. Find out a little something before you ask them out. Do they share the same  interests? Like the same kind of books? Why waste your time and sensitivities on people who aren’t even your type?
4. Find a writer buddy. You'll need a shoulder to cry on, preferably one who understands that a 'personal rejection' is something to be brag about.  (And who can be trusted better than a friend to let you know you have spinach in your teeth before you head out of the house?)
5. Always remember, your first love is rarely your true love. Keep creating while you’re planning other dates~you don't have the luxury of wallowing in the past or in a single work.

I know you’ve heard it all before but I’ll bore you with it again… If at first you don’t succeed, then write, write again.
Cause as long as the band is playing....then we shall dance!

Chin up, fingers cramped, and God will bless. :)


  1. I needed to hear this today. It's been a week of rejection. ULGH! Keep the chin up and keep writing. The light at the end of the tunnel is sometimes hidden around the bend.

  2. It only takes one yes, right Jessie? (I'm regurgitating all the feel good axioms...but we need to keep them in mind...the only losers are the quitters...I'm on a roll!)

  3. Fight discouragement and reject rejection! Follow your dreams!

    Keep pretending, keep believing, we've done just what we set out to do....

    Thanks to the LOVERS
    AND YOU!!!!

    Yes, I straight up quoted the Muppet Movie.

  4. La da da de da da dum...yep, I think I remember that song!
    Animal was my favorite muppet.

  5. Ah, this is a wonderful post! And let me just say that even when you meet your "mate," there are still lots of rejections ahead as your trying to find a publishing home together. So this is great advice for all walks of publishing. You are wise, grasshopper. :)

  6. This is an article-worthy post! So very true, every word, and I love your analogy.

  7. Hey Elizabeth! This is such an inspiring post! I love this: If at first you don't succeed, write, write again. I think that needs to be printed on a t-shirt as the official aspiring author's uniform. LOL

    Come by my blog tomorrow or whenever you have a spare minute. I'm giving out an award and you're one of the nominees. :)

    Take care and TTYS

  8. Why thanks Anita. And you know I'll be there...might even add some bells to a sharpie marker tee with 'write, write again on it'!

    ps...did your own med test come out all right? You're in my prayers. :) (Sucking up for the I too obvious?)


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