April Showers...

10:10 AM Elizabeth Seckman 8 Comments

My mother always assured me that God will give me no more trouble than I can deal with.

Hmmm...sometimes I wonder if God has just a little too much confidence in me.

Here's the break down. Early April (I refuse to attach dates...I refuse to consciously remind myself of bad times), it became evident that my dad's treatment was failing. I have been a daddy's girl my whole life and the thought of severing that bond took my breath away. BUT...God reminded me of all the times my dad carried me...like through Bush Gardens when I insisted on wearing the sandals he warned me would give me blisters. My dad was always there...quietly fixing things I broke, bailing me out of scrapes, sneaking money into my checking account....I was so spoiled when my husband asked him for my hand in marriage he sighed and said, "Chad, I raised her to think she's a princess...she's spoiled and sloppy and spends a lot of money...knowing all that...if you still want her...bring me a horse and she's all yours."

That was my dad. He was one of a kind.

But now he needed me to be strong. As cancer stole the man I counted on, God gave me the strength to hold his hand and promise him everything would be just fine.

The day my dad died, the MRI report came back on a lump my son had on his finger. Report suggested he have a biopsy to rule out a sarcoma. Talk about making the compass spin till I had no idea which end was north. Talked to the doctors in the 'know' prayed and prayed and got myself calmed down....and before my son got home from school! God is great. :)

About a week later I lost a friend. RIP Cathy Oliver. Wonderful woman of strength and character. She will be missed beyond explanation. Her death defies reason. She was too young and healthy to slip away like she did. God only knows the reason...we mortals can only scratch our heads.

Then I failed my mammogram. Radiologist explained that I have calcium in my breast. I asked, "I'm a mammal...isn't calcium in the breast par for the course?" The answer is not necessarily...schedule a biopsy.

So, as we wait for all the tests...I only know one thing for certain...in all things there is GOD.

I feel the devil throwing punches, so I'll just step out, send my proxy fighter* into the ring and we'll see how it all plays out.

*This is my simplistic theology...that's how I see Jesus...that friend that you only send Christmas cards to, but always call him in the middle of the night when you need bailed out. And even though he knows he doesn't owe you squat, he still puts on the gloves and watches your back cause you ask. He's cool like that.

**Results of Cole's biopsy were fine. Thank you God. :)
**Results of my own biopsy were also normal. I was told 9 out of 10 are normal. That still leaves 1. And 1 is too many. Continue to pray for those 1's and for a cure. 


  1. Oh Lady...I have tears in my eyes, but tons of prayers in my heart for you and yours!!!! I envy your writing girl, I tend to ramble...like now! ;0) You are one tough cookie, and that saying about God giving a person no more than they can handle is so true...a person doesn't think so at times, been there done that myself.
    Rodney Atkins (I hope that's the right Rodney) has a country song that fits...'If You're Going Through Hell' It always gave me a little boot when I was feeling a little down.
    I will be praying for all test results to come back with no problems. Hope you know, that if you want to chat, scream, cry, whathave you, give me a call!!! <3

  2. Praying for you and your son. May God grant you both complete healing.

  3. Tammy dear, you are the tough one. You keep me humble lady. You really do.

  4. Linda Yost-StackpoleApril 30, 2011 at 9:40 AM

    Your Mom must have went to the same school as mine. Nothing pitched my way that I couldn't handle... she didn't say it had to be pretty or not without mess or heartache (she left out that part). I should be strong as an Ox by now. Little by little it has become more clear to me that I'm being taught - not easy when someone like me thinks they have it all under control. We have no control but God does. I have learned to lay my life in His great hands and go from there... again not easy but knowing He's on my side helps me to fight the battles that life seems to fling my way and those of my friends. May God's grace and mercy carry you through these difficult days.

  5. Oh, my dear lady. You are in my prayers. I know your heart is hurting, but there is One who feels your pain with you, intimately. My prayer is that He leads you out of this a much stronger person. Bless your family in this time.

  6. Thanks for the support guys. Much appreciated.

  7. They always say "when it rains, it pours," and I believe it! Sometimes I like to ask God if I need all that strengthening at once, but it's true that you really do come out of a trial stronger and wiser--even if it doesn't feel like it at the time. I just read on FB that you had some good news regarding your son. What a relief! I've been praying for your family's strength and health.

    I sorely miss my dad too. Cancer is a terrible thing, it's stolen too many loved ones in my life.

  8. Kristen~ we had a good outcome. Large cell tumor...benign and harmless. We are blessed. Sadly, not every one gets that outcome. Prayers for those that are suffering.


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