#30 Days of Gratitude, Day 16

8:00 AM Elizabeth Seckman 13 Comments

 Remembering to be grateful is so important to happiness and even if you forget for days and days. Like I did. I signed up for Tara Tyler's Gratitude Blog Hop and then forgot to do it. But I'm a writer and writers don't give up...even when we're way behind. 

So here we go...16 days to catch up. 

In no certain order, here's a quick run down of sixteen awesome things to be grateful for. 

1. Flowers 

2. Movies 

3. Chocolate

4. Books

5. Tea

6. Diet Cola 

7. Peanut butter

8. Coffee

9. Sun block 

10. Medicine 

11. Cell phone 

12. Sunshine

13. Rain

14. Cameras 

15. Washing machines 

16. Air conditioning

And that's how we play catch-up! 


Join in the fun! Here's the Form: 30 Days of Gratitude 2020 Blog Hop

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Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay


  1. That's a good list. I agree with all of them :-)

  2. Ha! Brilliant catch up! I'm quite partial to number 3. :)

  3. Love your list!!! You can add wine next time. :)

    1. True. There are plenty more days of the hop left. LOL

  4. Fortunately it's not real hot now, but I'm really grateful for that AC.

    1. We lost power for a week one July and it was miserable. I grew up without any AC, but I've grown soft.

  5. All good things to be grateful for:)

  6. I agree with them all except diet cola lol! I don't drink any kind of coke (unless I have a hangover LOL!!!!)
    Big hugs
    Suzy xx

  7. Haha! What a great catch up! And a good list. I know what you mean. I missed IWSG this month!!! Argh!!!

  8. A fine list indeed. AC and heat sure are wins here, depending on season.


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