January Update

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Yesterday was my husband's 50th birthday. Lucky him. He's already scheduled for his colonoscopy.

Less kids at home=smaller cake!
My oldest son flew back to New York. After the snow in the northeast, his flight was delayed, delayed, cancelled. Rescheduled and delayed some more. But he's back, safe and sound.

The day before the first scheduled flight out, we got a flat tire. These guys enjoyed tire changing far more than I'd ever expected they would.

Caleb, Conner, and Carter
*Cole, boy #2, was skiing and had no regrets about missing the tire-change party

My youngest son was having back pain, so I told him to go to the doctor over in Morgantown where he goes to college. It was his first solo visit to the doctor. He did pretty well, although...

Maybe if I'd told him to go to the vet instead...
He called today to say he was diagnosed with kidney stones and a kidney cyst. He asked if I thought it was cancer. I told him no, so he said, "Good. They wanted me to see a urologist, but since it's not cancer, I'm gonna skip it."

Seriously. If I could have choked a child over the phone, he'd be blue right now. He is going to whatever doctor the doctor advises him to see.

Part of my New Year's resolutions was to read more books and keep track of my word count. At the beginning of January, other bloggers were citing their tallies for 2018...how many books read, how many words written. I thought that was interesting, so I'm tracking mine for 2019.

I'm not exactly off to a spectacular start, especially since one of the books was a short story. 

Book 1: the full-length novel:

Get it here

An enjoyable, informative read. From the beginnings of the Rothschild dynasty to the early days of jazz, this book takes an honest look at the humanness of those who live in worlds that seem larger than life and surreal. Nica, a Rothschild heir and baroness is larger than life. Her story is told by her niece who takes a loving look at her aunt from childhood until her later years when she becomes the target of scandal in a house filled with cats. 

Book 2: A short:

Get it here.

An enjoyable little story. The MC has the flu  and heads to the pharmacy for medicine. While she's there, a cat jumps in her car and reminds her that healing and hope can be taught to us best by our furry friends.


  1. If you'd choked him, he wouldn't have to worry about those kidney stones anymore...

    1. True. I would also have had extra writing time in jail. LOL

  2. Share a hoppae baer dae with your hubs from the Hermit Writer, will you.

    (I sympathize with your son...I'm 61 and haven't scheduled that colonoscopy yet! I'm sticking with the non-intrusive poop smear. I think doctors just overly-indulge in every procedure they can sucker us into...just saying. I mean...I try to get everyone to buy a book...why shouldn't doctors do the same thing?)

    Happy Friday to you, and hugs to the clan.

    1. I'll pass along the birthday wishes.

      Maybe I can bypass the test for the poop smear. Hmm. Something to look into.

  3. Your poor son. Kidney stones suck, especially for a guy. But nowadays, the doctors can zap those puppies into oblivion with a laser. Way cool, and MUCH better than passing them "naturally." (Yeah... naturally PAINFUL.) Make sure he follows up with the urologist.

    I've READ lots of pages already this year, but write? Not so much. I've had a few phone conversations with a gal who was in the reform school I'm writing about in book two, and she was even there during the exact time frame, so she's provided me with a wealth of information. Problem is, I'd already written a bunch based on my imagination, which didn't always gibe with the reality, so I've had to go back to the beginning and make a lot of changes.

    Have a super weekend!

    1. He'd probably get mad for my saying, buuut I did warn him that avoiding the urologist could cause him to have to pass the equivalent of a marble through his very most favorite part. He agreed a follow up with the docs was the better move.

      You know, I've often wondered if I can get reading points for beta reads. LOL. I can never fit them into book conversations with regular readers though.

      How awesome that you can get hands-on research! Totally worth the rewrites. Actually, whenever I write a book that needs research, I fill that sort of stuff in later. It's just seems easier that way.

  4. Happy birthday to your hubby.
    Tell your son the urologist isn't that bad. I know, I have to see one regularly.

  5. Life throws us curveballs, and we don't always know why. Hoping this year bring many more joys than last year too though:)

  6. Can't say I'd find a flat tire fun. You might want to refrain from choking though, jail isn't fun either haha

    1. I can't imagine a flat tire being fun either. If I had to change it, I'd been doing some major complaining!!

      I hear you can't have deodorant in jail, so that's a no to choking.

  7. Cool! Chad is only 3 months older than me!
    Not so cool! Chad has a *much* better hairstyle than me :)

    PS: You know I'm totally taking notes from you both about how to handle young, growing men... it may be a few more years, but you have raised 4 seriously great gentlemen - even if they drive you a wee bit nuts (I gather that never changes, no matter the age!!)

  8. Hi Elizabeth,

    OUCH... I had a kidney stone last year.... I can't begin to tell you how painful. They are NOT KIDDING when they say it's the male version of giving birth. Sadly mine wasn't big enough to blast, so I had to pass it naturally. Three days of 'labor'... the worst ever. I pray I never get another one.

    Happy 50th! I enjoyed turning 50... it was a stellar year for me! Wish I can go back and do it again! LOL. Now a days 50 is nothing. Most 50 year olds look 35, and judging by your hubby's pic, he does too! I did when I was 50...

    I haven't read any books yet this year, but I DID FINISH writing one as you know....YAY me! lol. Now the long wait for the editor review. Yikes... hopefully not too many revisions. I'd like to start querying soon.

    All the best for the new year!

  9. Crikey, Elizabeth – you've certainly had a whirlwind week!!
    Belated Happy Birthday to your hubby!
    Suzy xx

  10. LOVE that photo of the boys changing the tire! Yep, kids will be kids and especially boys seeing doctors! I didn't know CJ had a cat book out! Thanks for the tip. I love her stories. Happy BD to your hubby! He looks as young as your kids! (and you of course!) Having four certainly hasn't aged you! I'm keeping tabs on reading on Goodreads. I signed up to read 30 or 35 this year and have four down. Keeping track of your words is a great idea. Since I'm revising, my word count means nothing right now. Actually, I'm going to have to cut words on this current WIP!


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