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I'm not here today. My friends and I are headed to the Big Apple. It's the blonde leading the blind tour. That's me on the right, Melissa on the left. Behind me is Steffi (I swear, she's an adult...we didn't abduct a kid at a rest stop!) and in the back is Candy...she's hiding from the camera. 

While I'm out, pleas welcome Nikki Stone! She has a new book, which I've had the pleasure of reading. It's about a subject we can relate to- the trials and heartbrakes ifbtrying to get published!

Welcome Nikki!!

Hey everyone!! I'm Nikki Stone. I just released my debut novel REVENGE IN HEELS. It's a mash of Bridget Jones' Diary meets The Devil Wears Prada. (Link at bottom)

When I decided to self-pub my book, I went through and deleted these little parts in the beginning of each chapter where it would say "writing food trial". And the things I had written for them were my own accounts as I wrote the book itself. Now, why would I include those? Because I was writing a book about trying to become an author while handling a hefty family life mixed with chaos and complications from life itself. From pregnancies to scandalous videos. Was that me? Oh gosh no. But some parts are true to my life story. Some. You'll have to try and figure it out...

Anyways, my eating habits while writing has drastically changed. However, some of my favs at the time were the following:

Redvines (just say no to plastic Twizzlers...gross)

Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper (my old go-to)

Pepsi Max (ginseng - need I say more?)

peanut butter M&M's (I should have bought fun size, not share size)

chocolate covered dried berries (it makes you feel less fat because of the fruit. feel = lies to self)

popcorn (not a good idea, I need my hands!)

lollipops (clicks on teeth, so annoying!)

smarties (false advertising, lol)left over 

Halloween candy (takes too much time to unwrap)

And that's just a hint of the many trials I went through trying to find what gave me some pep, and not added weight. Guess which ones worked? Honestly, all of them made me feel like crap by the end of the night. My stomach was swollen angry, and by morning I wanted to die. And yet, by night time, my writing hour, I was back at it! Isn't that called insanity??

Now, I actually don't need anything to give me a little kick other than some Mio in water and gum. True fact - the gum must be chewed, therefore, I must be awake to chew said gum, therefore...I'm awake. Ha! However, in the middle of the day, if I have time to write, that Pepsi Max sure comes in handy!

What kind of foods, drinks, or candy do you use when you need a little more energy? 

If you'd like to check out my book, here's the blurb followed by the link! Thanks so much for having me, ladies!!!


Mother and wife, Cindy Sikes, is a sassy daydreamer with of a passion she can’t help but quench – to become an author for the LGBTQ community. Quitting her day job, Cindy takes the writing world head on, until her dreams are jeopardized by a know-it-all-she-devil determined to not let her succeed and family fiascos that appear one right after the other. From unexpected pregnancies to a scandalous video sabotaging her marriage, Cindy finds even the sparkly, strappy heels drop. Now, she must rewrite the heroine and delete her antagonist before they commandeer her life story.

Amazon link: 


  1. Writing seems like such a hazardous career. The chances of becoming a real success are so slim. As for the things you eat when you write, I shudder. I wouldn't insult my body with any of that except perhaps popcorn which isn't too bad oh and I like peanut butter Reeses Pieces.

    1. Only your waistline has an excellent chance of growth when you're a writer, that's for sure.

  2. Hope you're having fun, Elizabeth! :) I'm bad some days when it comes to eating junk. I'm a cookie fiend. I try not to give in until I've finished a story, but there's a little nibble here and a nibble there.

    1. I had a great time!

      I'm horrible about giving in...or for grabbing snacks while writing instead of pausing and taking the time to eat a healthy meal.

  3. Good luck with the book Nikki! All chocolate is great writing food for me - and I'm still chomping through my Easter eggs :-)

  4. HA! The blonde leading the blind. Sounds like me and my gal pals. I hope you had a blast.

    Sounds like a good book. Congratulations, and I wish you much success with it. When I write, I eat only celery sticks and carrots. (HA! Just kidding...)

    1. We had a great time. And we only got ourselves on alternative routes a few times.

      I also only eat celery sticks, just like you.

  5. Congratulations! Sounds like a good book! Wishing you much success!

  6. The story sounds very interesting. Now comes the hard part. Promoting it.

  7. Awesome news. Wishing you success with your book!

  8. The blonde leading the blind, you say? I hope that everything that could possibly go wrong does - in the funnest and safest way possible. Enjoy the big city.

    And any gal who likes red vines gets my respect. Congrats, Nikki!

    1. There were some moments that to any sane person would call missteps, but I call only a crazy gal like yourself would understand.

  9. I love the cover and the title - they're so enticing!


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