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6:00 AM Elizabeth Seckman 26 Comments

Is it just me...

I have the hardest time coming up with an idea for a blog post when I'm in the writing zone.

That seems nonsensical, but this week, I outlined a new book and got four chapters typed out. That's pretty decent, considering I put the temporary "The End" on a story last week. 

But then, I try to think of a blog post and it's like I've got nothing. 

So, let's enjoy a random thought from the week...

The Oscars. I don't watch them anymore. I used to, but ever since they became a platform for politics, I skip them. It's like going out to dinner with a couple who are headed for divorce. You spend your whole night on pins and needles waiting for the moment when they verbally rip each other's throats out. It's just not fun. 

And then there is also the divide between the academy's taste and me. The Shape of Water as best picture? The most entertainment I got from this movie was from the reviews. 

On IMdB one person called it Grinding Nemo...another, Fifty Shades of Black Lagoon...

Now, those are clever. The movie wasn't. 

From Amazon, I found this review which pretty well sums the movie up, so skip it if you don't want spoilers:

Chicka gets freaky with a fish. They explain how this is accomplished... even though he’s “flat” down there. She masturbates in a tub. The fish eats a cat. People are tortured. The fish is tortured. People are shot. Bucko rips his own dead fingers off....
This thing is absolutely a crime against humanity.... and fish.

A lot of the complaints in the reviews center around the bestiality issue. That didn't bug me. But it didn't impress me. During the entire love scene sequence I was less interested in the how or even the why of the sex-- I was trying to figure out the engineering of the scene. Can you really flood a room with a towel?  And if you could, you're still gonna get electrocuted. 

Fish sticks, anyone?

Time for my small things check-in. Thanks to our hosts Lexa and L  .G  for this weekly reminder to look for the good things in life!
-WV schools are back in session. I don't mind having boy #4 (Conner) home, but he does need to be prepared for college next year. 

-Tuesday was boy #2's  (Cole) birthday. 

-Spring break for WVU starts this weekend, so boy #2 and #3 (Carter), will be home for a week. 


  1. I haven't seen it yet, so I can't comment. Although those are funny reviews.
    We missed you for IWSG post day.
    I usually skip the Oscars for the same reason although I did watch a little this year. They reined in the politics somewhat, which really surprised me.

    1. Oh no!! I didn't even realize I missed a day!! Which come to think of it is insane because I visited blogs and read IWSG posts and it still didn't ring a bell with me. Some days I wonder where my brain is at.

  2. Replies
    1. Same to you, and I will add that they be in perfect picture quality.

  3. I'm so with you about the Oscars. My sister and I used to have a fun time seeing who'd win, that was years ago. Now, like you said, actors feel its an obligation to get political and it turns my stomach, so I haven't watched them in quite a while. This year I saw one of the movies nominated, Dunkirk, and the rest of them I barely heard of....

    1. I preferred Dunkirk, though the plot was a little oddly done. But then I am partial to movies based on nonfictional accounts.

  4. At least you are churning out the chapters. And look, a blog post, both at once, wins. I avoid the Oscars, rich people patting rich people on the back and the politics crap. Haven't watched the fish sex yet, I think I'll get the entertainment from the reviews.

  5. I'd never heard about The Shape of Water until I read something about the Oscars and I didn't see the Oscars because I don't have a TV. I'm so out of touch :-)

    Well done on your writing - sounds like good progress.

    cheers - Ellen

    1. I could get over not having a television. My new must-have is an internet connection.

  6. Definitely not my kind of movie. Seriously. I love your comment here: going out to dinner with a couple who are headed for divorce. lol

  7. Hahahaha. Never seen the movie, won't bother.

    I totally get not having blog posts when writing. It's as if all your creative forces are focused on the book and there's nothing left over for the blog.

  8. I've never been that bothered by the Oscars, at least not watching them, far too much blathering around for me. I read the winners the next day :-)

    And yes, when I'm writing, blog posts take a back seat - more so than they used to.

    1. I keep saying I will find the right balance between writing, blogging, editing, and reading-- but I never find it!!

  9. Yeah, honestly I don't go in for award shows much anymore. I really don't even care if politics are mentioned or not, just show me some good films or music...but alas (shrug). :)

    1. That's probably the biggest let down, are they really picking the best movies? Or maybe my taste is getting out dated.

  10. Hahaha! I love your take on it. I haven't seen it, nor have I had any desire to see it. Now, I think I'll just read the reviews and not see it. :)

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  12. I wasn't too excited about seeing The Shape of Water either. I did watch LadyBird via Redbox and it was pretty good, but the ending was a bit of a let down for some reason.


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  15. I wonder if I'd like The Shape of Water? Hmmm...sounds wacky to me!

  16. Doesn't sound like my kind of a movie!

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