The Good in the Bad

12:15 PM Elizabeth Seckman 14 Comments

I taped the calendar page from 9/11/2001
inside my kitchen cabinet with a sticker gift
from my son and the sticker from the banana. 

September 11, 2001- a date where life did a pivot.  And of course, a day I will always remember like it was yesterday. 
Beautiful, sunny September day. I'd just sent two kids off to school and two more were still fast asleep upstairs. I took a minute to make a cup of tea and switch on the morning news. While I watched the banter between a rock star and the morning news team, the first plane hit the first tower.
I called my husband at work and told him some jackass just flew a plane into one of the Twin Towers.
Maybe a drunken pilot?
Then the second plane hit.
Then came the pivot.
We weren't safe.
In one morning, life became fragile. Things that I'd done a thousand times without a second thought, like taking my kids to the mall, now became moments of stress and worry.
Then as days passed, American flags lined our streets and were stuck to car windows. It was an unorganized, nation-wide reminder that we are united.
Then the world sent their support. On a bundle of bananas, I found the sticker from Colombia.
It was a small reminder that there are good people in the world when good people stand united, that's a powerful force against evil.  

Monthly goals blog hop with Misha and her co-hosts, Jen, and Brittney. 
My big-thinking goal was to publish two books this year. One is out on submission and I'm working as quickly as I can on another. It's mid-year, so unless I really get rolling, I'll be lucky to see one book published this year.

Thanks to our hosts LexaL  .G, and Tonja Drecker for this weekly good things check in! 

I've spent the week hanging out with my boys. We've binge-watched Silicon Valley on HBO (awesome show, btw) and caught up on DVR'ed episodes of Man with a Plan (also enjoyable). 


  1. Binge watching can be grand indeed. Too bad it takes such a tragedy for people to come together.

  2. That is one of the truest statements in the world. Good people need to do something.

  3. Definitely important for people to stay united, and not just in the wake of tragedy.

  4. Good luck with the submission. Two books in one year is pretty ambitious, and you'll be doing great if you achieve one!

  5. That was such a strange and difficult day, but it did bring people together.


  6. Hope you do get rolling. Books make the world go round. :)
    Best of luck with the book that's out on submission.
    That's really an interesting way to remember and write about that crazy day. Nice work.

  7. unfortunately, terror has resurfaced and the unifying goodness has crumbled into ignorant fear of political correctness... it's scary.

    let's both get writing! my goal is one book per year, plus something short... and thus I'm working on next year's book to submit by fall. keep writing! love ya!

    Tara Tyler Talks

  8. Very well put. Fear doesn't make us safe, it just divides us from each other when we should be pulling together. Getting 1 book done a year would be great by my standards! Have a lovely weekend!

  9. Good luck with the books.
    My thoughts on 9/11 and Manchester and Bali 2012 (which was the most directly devastating for us Aussies) is that ultimately evil will not triumph over good. Life is a war which the righteous fight with love. We may lose some battles but victory is certain.
    I love how a simple thing like Columubian bananas delivered such a powerful message to you.

  10. Keep up the writing -- go! go! Go!
    To give into fear is to give into them. I guess that's what being a light is all about.

  11. So many tragedies. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  12. I think everyone can remember exactly what they were doing on that fateful, tragic day. But you're right, it's also when the world (well, most of it) united, right?
    Suzy xxx

  13. The world is going crazy. But like you said, when we band together in times of tragedy, it definitely lightens ones spirit and heart. Knowing we are there for each other, as fellow humans makes such a difference.

    Good-luck with your submission and I hope novel 2 cooperates. Wishing you and your family well.

  14. I remember that day as well. It was so surreal. September 11 is also my mother's birthday.

    Good luck with your publishing goals.


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