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4:06 PM Elizabeth Seckman 18 Comments

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Misha Gericke & Beth Fred host this monthly goal update. The idea is to think big...and then work hard to make it happen. My two goals are publish two books and master marketing.

1. Swept Away is done. I need to write the blurb and for some reason, I'm just not feeling it. I'll have to write a few crappy versions to get the ideas flowing.

2. I didn't master marketing this month. Maybe next month...

What have I been up to this week? What's my excuse for blog sluggishness and nonexistent word count? It was our first annual Bill Stewart Memorial Football Camp.

Honestly? Doing this sort of stuff cuts into my work and personal time, but I figure I have the rest of my life to earn money and catch up on laundry.

Childhood is short. I say we make it as awesome as we can.

It's Friday, so let's celebrate the small things!

Thanks to our hosts in this weekly check in: LexaL.G, and Katie!

1. Past Due is a Digital Book Today Great Read of the Week!

2. I managed my social media. Weary of the online battles on Facebook where some never listen or show respect for either side, I decided to change my settings. I "Unfollowed" hateful posters (not blocked or Unfriended- I just don't get their posts in my newsfeed anymore). Whew. Glad I did that. I have no problem with dissent and disagreement, but I'm tired of the lack of civility.

3. I'm headed to the beach at the end of the week! And yes, I do intend to be shark bait.


  1. Unfollowing the haters is the way to be and true, childhood only lasts so long

  2. Your kids are only young once - enjoy it and spend time with them.
    So glad I am not on Facebook.

  3. Mastering marketing is your goal, huh? You set mighty goals.

  4. That "unfollow" button comes in handy, doesn't it? :) Have fun at the beach.

  5. TOTALLY with you on the whole "unfollow" thing. Yesterday especially, I found myself getting so disheartened by the lack of just plain decency. I don't care what your opinion is--well, actually, I sort of do, but what matters more to me is when people don't respect that other people have different opinions.

  6. You didn't master marketing in a single month? Well, we haven't gotten it mastered in the 5 years we've been trying, so... it may take more than a month. :)

    I unfollow negative people too. Life's too short to let toxic people drag you down.

  7. I see Liz, were you hoping I wouldn't notice the shark bait comment? I am on FB but don't take part in battles of any kind. I actually don't spend a whole heap of time there anyway.

  8. Yes on the whole hating to deal with hateful people! Life's too short for them. And kudos to you for making your kid's childhood special!

  9. Good for you on all counts. You're right about childhood. You gotta enjoy them in the short time they're with you.

  10. Yay for Past Due being picked. I find blurb writing difficult.

    I quit FB again because I don't use it much and some people always seem to be posturing or arguing about something. I prefer Twitter and Instagram.

  11. Congrats on finishing Swept Away! Blurbs can be a real pain. I actually wrote the blurb for my last WIP before even beginning it. I found it much easier that way.

    Social media can get nasty. FB isn't as much fun anymore, but I still sue it.

    Enjoy the beach!

  12. Good luck with the book description for Swept Away! They're often harder than writing the book. Sometimes we need to unfollow someone for our own sanity.

  13. Enjoy the beach but don't let the sharks get you. :P

  14. Well done on the novel - I tend to write several blurbs to get the flow of it too. It's a good system. Enjoy the beach :-)

  15. Hey Elizabeth,

    Pleased for you that Swept Away is done. I'm also glad I finally know what a "blurb" is. Nothing to do with indigestion, evidently :)

    Have fun on the beach and watch out for human sharks!

    Must go now and check my "Farcebook" friends list....

    Gary :)

  16. Congratulations on finishing Swept Away. It might help to ask someone else (a beta reader?) to write a blurb for you. You can always discard it or change it, but will give you somewhere to start.
    You're right about making time for kids. They're soon gone... Best wishes for a happy August.

  17. Congrats on finishing Swept Away. Best of luck with the blurb. :-)


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