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Misha Gericke & Beth Fred host this monthly goal update. The idea is to think big...and then work hard to make it happen. My two goals are publish two books and master marketing.

1. Two Books on schedule. Working on second round of edits. Have the mock-up of the cover. It's coming together!

2. Master Marketing meh. I went to the Women in Agriculture conference and sold quite a few books. Other than that, my marketing habits have been shoddy at best. The writing part is just way more fun.

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Thanks to our hosts in this weekly check in: LexaL.G, and Katie!

1. I had a great time camping.

2. I am almost unpacked from said camping trip.

3. All the things that are still packed, I may leave packed. That would give me a jump on beach packing, right?

Best historical find of the day.
Lexington, VA

The family outside the Stonewall Jackson House
Carter (son), Cathy (sister), Jay (nephew)
Cole (son), Caleb (son), Conner (son)
and the guy with the sexy, white legs is my husband, Chad.

Seckmans spelunking
(well, it was a cave, and we paid to take the tour)
Caleb, Conner, Carter, Cole
My sister, Cathy and me!

Chilling in the cabin. Seriously- I don't do tents.
Cole and Carter

That's me. Updating my blog via iPhone.
Does that make this trip a tax write off?


  1. I love camping, tents, cabins, trailers - doesn't matter. That's great about the edits and cover. Ooh, I would have loved to see that cave; haven't been in one in years! Glad you're home safe.

    Love the non historical marker!

  2. Luv the logic on getting a head start on the beach packing. Have a good weekend.

  3. I love that non historical marker Somebody has a great sense of humour. Nice pix of you and the fam Liz. I haven't been in a cave in a very long time either. Haven't camped in long time either and we used to do that in a trailer.

  4. haha I agree, I don't do tents, or pooping in a hole in the ground lol

    writing is more fun than marketing any day

  5. Love those pictures! How fun!!! :)

  6. Spelunking! How fun.
    I say leave some of it packed for next time.

  7. I'm glad you had fun camping. :-)

    Looking forward to seeing that cover once it's ready.

  8. Sounds like your goals are on track and I love camping, looks like you had fun!!!

  9. Don't feel bad about the marketing, the best marketing you can do is to get more books written anyway. Cover design is so exciting, it makes the book feel so much more real! Good luck for June.

  10. Looks like you had a great trip. I love that all the guys in your family have names starting with C.

  11. Looks like a lot of fun. Welcome home. I agree - the unpacking really doesn't need to be done, if you're packing up again!

  12. Looks like a lot of fun. Welcome home. I agree - the unpacking really doesn't need to be done, if you're packing up again!

  13. Unpacking is like putting away the laundry. And I hate tents too. You know there are other letters in the alphabet, right? I haven't got the knack of using my smart phone for blogging. Not the same at all.

    Congrats on being on track with your goals. I think marketing will always elude my skills.

  14. Your vacation looks great with all that spelunking and sightseeing. I say don't unpack until next week. Congrats on going to the conference and selling some books! Have a great weekend!

  15. No spelunking for this claustrophobic scaredy cat. Great goals. Keep on going.

  16. I'm so not on track right now. And marketing is tough.

  17. Hi, belatedly catching up with The Five Year Project blog hop! Well done and looks like you are on track for publishing 2 books this year. As for camping, like you I would stick to a cabin rather than a tent :)


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