Kady McClure: Elf Interview

12:00 AM Elizabeth Seckman 9 Comments

We hear it every day.

What's wrong with kids these days?

Whether it's kids shooting each other over drugs or a teen using affluence as an excuse for a fatal DUI...you wonder...is Santa scratching his fluffy white beard and wondering...are there any little ones worthy of his time?

Well Santa, I know a little lady who keeps the Christmas spirit in her heart year round. A little girl with a pixie's smile and nature as sweet as a ton of sugar cookies.

Her name is Kadyn (Kady) McClure.

Last year, Kady sent Santa a letter with a different sort of request.

She didn't ask for dolls, or even the big ticket item of the day, the iPad.
Nope. She didn't want any of that.

She wanted money.

Yep. Cold, hard cash.

Because she had a plan.

She wanted to try her hand at being an elf!

Well, sort of. Kady admits she lacks the pointy ears to be a real elf, but she does have a giving spirit and she wanted that money to shop for a child from the Angel Tree!

And Santa, being the wise man that he is, set her up. This year, Kady's mom, Kari, got a certified letter from the North Pole post office...in it? $100 cash.

So, off Kady went...

working hard for Santa in the Non-Pointy Eared Elf, West Virginia Division.

I'm sure she warms Santa's heart quicker than a mug of cocoa, because in Kady's own words, "I told Santa I would take less under my tree, to be able to buy for other kids, but you know, I still got just as much!"

No doubt Santa spends extra time at your house, little Kady. No doubt.

Check out my interview with Kady. I wanted to see if I could supplement my writer's income by being an elf myself...


  1. That's a remarkable young lady! I'd work for Santa like that.

  2. Good for Kady! Love this post - thanks for sharing it. :)

  3. That is so sweet! What a little darling. :)
    My oldest two kids pick a kid off the tree to buy for every year. Next year kid #3 will start, too. It's good to keep them thinking of others and not just their wish list. Very cool that Kady was able to do that all on her own.

  4. How sweet! It seems like we only hear about the rotten kids these days. It's nice to see something positive!

  5. Lovely story! Kady is a little angel and I loved the interview.

  6. Ha ha! Love it!

    (PS: Can I offer Kady a suggestion? She's obviously a little angel who has a wise head on her non-elf ears head, so I think she could easily work with a better interviewer.

    The lady in the sweater sounds a little grinchy, don't you think. It's as if she lives in West Virginia and is the mom of the offensive lineman of the year for her region


    Congrats to Kady and Cole for both being role models to their peers :)

    PS: Merry Christmas, eTwinny, and to the extended Seckman family :)

  7. She's a perfect elf and we could use more of her kind. Lovely story. Lovely kid.

    Merry Christmas. Happy New Year.


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