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Big bloggie welcome to Ms. Mary Ting!

I have to say...I have not yet read these books. I don't start a series until I have access to them all (so NEVER tell me what's happening in the current season of  Supernatural!)
So, now they are available and I am ready to do a Crossroads marathon!!

And why wouldn't I be excited?

These books have hundreds of five star ratings without Mary lifting a finger. She just writes good books  and lets them sell themselves. (Mary is probably reading this and thinking, Elizabeth is crazy...I market my booty off! So, let's just say...she makes it look easy.)

When I heard Mary had the final book, "Beyond", ready to meet the world, I invited her here. I know these books deal with the after-life and that a personal experience prompted her to write them, so I wanted to know...what exactly is the story behind the Crossroads Saga?

Here's Mary!!!

~Once she leaves here...you can still find her:


I started Crossroads from a dream I had in high school. 
It was one dream I never forgot. 
It happened the same day my friend from church passed away. She had the same first and last name as me and we even looked alike…especially from behind, mostly because we were the same height and had the same color and length of hair. 
In my dream, I was walking on a dirt road. I knew it was a dream, and yet it felt so real. There was a light that I could clearly see ahead of me, but there was no sun.
 Suddenly, a lady appeared, but I could only see the back of her. As I struggled to catch up to her, I followed her path…into the tall green grass. 
Once I stepped inside, I saw a vast of white, fluffy clouds and I immediately knew I was someone special…sacred. 
The lady turned, but I could not see her face. I heard her voice, but the light surrounding her was too bright. 
She told me that it was not my turn and that I needed to go back. 
Then she disappeared, as if she was giving me a choice.
 Standing there, I thought about my options. 
I knew that if I had stayed, I would be leaving my life on Earth. 
Since I wasn’t ready to go, I went back. 
I landed with a jerk on my mattress that startled me to awaken.
Then I got the phone call from my friend, Patty. She was the one who informed me that my friend passed away at 2 A.M. 
She was the prom queen and her date was the prom king. A drunk driver hit their car and she flew out the window because she didn’t have a seat belt on. (There were no laws regarding seat belts back then.)
 I didn’t know what to make of my dream then, but I knew for sure it wasn’t just a dream.

That's powerful stuff, right?
How about you guys? Any of you have any experiences like that? 
Share it! 

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  1. Congrats Mary, I have the first two books in the series but haven't started reading yet. Nice interview, there are so many ways that you can be inspired to write a novel.

    Brush with the afterlife? My cousin and I saw some ghosts once and ran. Does that count? And before you say no, if you saw several human shaped ghosties in the tree you're sitting under out of the blue and then they were gone, they're either ghosts or hallucinations. And I don't know of people magically having the exact same hallucination.

    1. I totally think that counts. I believe there is far more in this universe that we don't know or see than what we think we know.

  2. The covers are just intriguing. And yes, agree with jaybird, incredible!

  3. It's an amazing series, I cannot wait for the last book!!! Elizabeth I hate to be the one to tell you but there is one more book she is working on.

    1. Oh man! Now I have a decision to make. But you know, as slow as I read, she could probably get done with book four before I'm through the first three!

  4. Such life altering experiences!
    Good luck to Mary and her books. :)

  5. Congrats to Mary! I wish it was so effortless for me. :)

  6. That's a powerful experience. I have some dreams that stand out, but I only wrote about one of them long ago in a drawer manuscript.

    I'm pleased to meet Mary.

  7. this girl has natural gifts! way to go Mary!

    E! really wish i had come to visit your a to z posts moreoften. i love trivia and was pretty good with yours! got 5/6 on z day! super terrific thumbs up badge! and mr seckman even visited me on z day, any relation? ha!

    wonderful iwsg analogy on comparing ourselves to big time authors. we all have our niche!

    and i think i will do a public signing in cincy as well as my launch party, just got to figure when... we will get together!

    1. I loved doing the trivia. Loved your A-Z posts too, got me some excellent tips!

      That Mr. Seckman was me...my son forgot to sign out of his account. I mean we all know the permanent sign in spot is mine, right?

  8. Oooh, what a remarkable goosebumpy story! I'm hooked.

  9. Awesome! I'm still learning about the marketing aspect, but you made a good point there. Part of marketing is having a good book to sell, so it helps that it can sell itself, right? :)

    1. You're darned tootin' David! But I've read more good books that I don't think get the love they deserve than the other way around. And don't even get me started on movies.

  10. Elizabeth, I nominated you for another award. Please go to www.dhdunne.blogspot.com to find out more.

    1. Thanks Deanie! I plan to just do an award post day!

  11. Sounds very interesting. That had to be some dream.

  12. Wow, that was a powerful dream! Slightly unnerving.

    1. When I read Mary's story, it gave me goose bumps. My grandma had always told me a story very much like it.

  13. Congratulations, Mary! Nope, I've never rubbed shoulders with the after life, not like that - not even close! Good luck :)


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