A-Z Trivia! E Is for Ele-fun-t!

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It's challenge day three! Can I manage to post twenty-six times in April? Can YOU answer the questions I ripped  gathered from my handy dandy, old-school, flip through paper pages encyclopedia?

Get them all right and you could win the boobie prize!

It's time for the letter  E!! And  E stands for ele-fun-t. (Yes, I know it's spelled elephant...just having fun with it!)

So, how much do you really know about me?

1. How long does it take to grow an elephant baby...from conception to birth?

2. Uncle Jed doesn't have anything on this elephant...what did this curious bull discover in 1889?

3. What is the smallest object an elephant can pick up with its trunk?

4. P.T. Barnum purchased this king size attraction for $10,000 and named him what?

5. Whose mother had a vision of a white elephant at the time of his conception, signifying to her his divinity?

Bonus: What was the name of Disney's flying elephant?

*Wanted to take a moment and congratulate  Kristine Radgman~ she is the winner of the autographed books from the Lucky in Love Hop! And congrats to Michael Di Gesu for winning the books and a Pk Hrezo pixie in the Blogoversary give-away.

Giving stuff away is a lot of fun!!

( 1. 22 months; 2. Oil! An elephant's infatuation with the black liquid led to the first oil field in Asia; 3. a coin; 4. Jumbo; 5. Buddha; Bonus: Dumbo)

photo credit: Arno Meintjes Wildlife via photopin cc


  1. I had three correct answers this time! I think elephants have one of the longest gestation periods don't they?

  2. I knew "oil" and "Dumbo"...I'm sorely lacking in elephantine knowledge, it seems :)

  3. I only answered 3 questions and got them all wrong. I couldn't even remember Dumbo! *hangs head in shame*

  4. Congrats to the winner. Disney's Dumbo is the cutest elephant ever.

  5. Hi, Elizabeth, this is a lot more than I knew about elephants!

  6. Two right answers. Bad but not extremely bad.

  7. Oh man, I bombed that one, only know the gestation and the coin. Yikes.

  8. I love elephants. They fascinate me. Did you know that elephant mommas won't leave their babies, without getting a babysitter first? Yep. And even then, they will only leave their offspring with a relative, usually an Aunt. Isn't that awesome?

  9. Right then, what was I going to say? Actually, where am I? Oh yeah, apparently an elephant never forgets.

    Gee, I know the answer to the bonus question :)

    Okay, I shall pack my trunk and get the heck outta' here.

    Happy alphabeting!

    Gary :)

  10. Maybe it's my fatigue level, but these seemed more difficult than prior days. I only knew two of these and missed the first question by 2 months.

  11. I got all of these wrong except for the bonus question.


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