Uncovering Becca Ann or Pick a Pixie Master!

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It's a Happy Blogoversary to me...sing along people!!!
Guess who's coming to my party?

Fine. Don't sing. Hum.

Hmmm...I see people are providing all you hummers with a whole lot more personal space...enjoy. It's my gift! 

And I have more treats! I am celebrating. This little blog is two years old. 

You all know what that means, right?

The Terrible Twos! Eeeps!

What's that mean? Well, with all the talk of blogs NOT being platforms- yada, yada, yada- the toddler mind set of this space was like wow...nobody gives a dang anymore? It doesn't have to be an official space? I don't have to be professional? Hot holy sweetness, thank you God! 

I feel invigorated, like the chains of propriety are lifted and I can do whatever I want!

In honor of this day...I've got some goodies!

First of all, PAST DUE, my first book in the Coulter Men series is FREE over the weekend! Get your copy HERE

I have more...

Can I get a *Squee*?????
Cassie Mae or Becca Ann?

Miss Becca Ann is in da house!!!!

And she brought Cassie Mae with her.

What, they are the same person? I told you all Cassie had waaaayyyy too much personality to contain in one persona. (okay, okay...I know it was a contract issue personality split, but my explanation is way cooler)

I'm so excited to have Cassie here. She was my guest last year at my one year anniversary, so this is like an annual event.

And anything as serious sounding as an annual event needs good swag!

How does some free books and a pixie sound?
My pixie and me.
Don't be a hater.
Win your own. 

To one lucky winner goes an ebook copy of "Reasons I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend"; autographed copies of "Past Due" and "Healing Summer"...and the grandest of prizes...a hand made pixie from the talented PK Hrezo!!

Before you bolt to the rafflecopter-

let's have a chat with Cassie!

Okay Ms. Cassie Becca Mae Ann, I'm done with the book- and all I  can say is awesome sauce!

Holy freaking guava beans, what a good read.

Now I could bug you all day and pick your genius brain, but 
(watch how I add a shameless plug for you right here)I know you're busy writing hot books,cause you have TWO books contracted "How to Date a Nerd" due out in September 13, 2013... so I will keep this to 20 questions. A fave Hayles' game!

1.  You wrote "Reasons" from the male POV and quite frankly, you did it too well to really be a chick. 
Are you sure you're not a man?
*checks in underwear* Yup, pretty sure.

2. Have you heard of Catfish?
Like the fish? Like how it screams when you fry it?
No!! Not Catfish with gills...and whoa, I have to ask...you cook it alive? You sick puppy.
But no, Catfish the MTV show where people hook up with people via the internet and pretend they are something they're not (see where I'm going with this?). For example, I always tell people I am a chubby forty-year-old when really I’m a smoking hot twenty-something who just doesn’t want to be stalked.

You must be my twin!
Sooo...who are you really, man? Oh forget answering the question...I know, I know...I'm a girl...I just had a baby in February, I signed contracts with Swoon Romance between contractions...blah, blah, blah. You're super human and deserve to be showered with gifts. Where do you want them sent?

LOL,  I want all the gifts sent to her, under the name "Baby Who Never Sleeps"

 3. Are you sure you're not a dude named Bob who fears being outed as a NA...YA romance writer?
(See, I normally would've combined those two questions...but I am following da rules!)
Oh my goodness, you caught me! Nah, but fun fact, I was almost named a Bob. Dad’s obsession with that name almost got me named William Robert (AKA, Billy Bob.) Good thing I was a girl.
You dodged a bullet on that one!

4. I see "Reasons" as more NA than YA...am I crazy?
Def. NOT! Some think NA, some think YA. I believe I walk a fine line. YA tends to be 14-18, and NA 18-20-somethings. So, I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide. (Because I could do an entire blog post on how I feel about the two genres, but we won’t get into that ;))
5. As the mom of four boys (most of them teens) I know boys aren't nearly as hung up on weight as girls are. I blame Vogue and Glamour...who would you blame?
Oh, our own genetic makeup, lol. Really, I think boys have just as much pressure as girls to be perfect. Look at all the guys who get judged for not having the abs or pecs or tight butt. They may not be as vocal about their insecurities as girls are, but honestly, I think they feel it too.
Hmmm...you have the wisdom of a chick, but "Reasons" was written so well from the male POV, even my son thought the writer had to be a dude!

6. & 7. Why chocolate? Why does Hayley smell like chocolate?
Here’s where I admit something… Hayley is a lot like yours truly. One of the things hubby used to say to me when we were dating was I smelt like mint chocolate brownies. For a few seconds I panicked thinking I was sweating all the crap I was eating, lol. But he kept smelling me, and said it was the best scent ever. I liked it, so I wrote it in a book ;)
That is sweet. (My husband always said I smelled like vanilla…knuckle bumps on luring men in by smelling like a treat!)

8. Hayley gets a tattoo for her birthday. How about you, any tatts?
Nope. 100% natural.
Me too, big ol’ chicken poop when it comes to pain!

9. Have you ever had a sex change...maybe used to be a boy as a teen?
Nope, again 100% natural. However, hubby does claim that I am the one who is the… hmm… how shall I put this? Not-so-ladylike of the two of us. Good thing he still loves me ;)

10. Did you make your hubs work this hard for a little lovin'? Poor Brody had to earn every hug and well...you wrote the book  ;)
Okay, HE’LL say I did. But I’m gonna say he was so hard to read. Like I didn’t know if he liked me or not. I totally thought I was just his dorky friend, but then he asked me to be his girlfriend and I was like, huh?
Then yes, it took me a month to kiss him after that. Hmm… maybe he’s right. But don’t ever tell him ;)
First time mine asked me out I responded with a cool, “Why?” And dirty little secret…I made HIM write me reasons too! I still have them. Talk about a paranoid chick…Haylie and I have a lot in common!!

11. So, um, do you like have something against Katy Perry?
Absolutely not. She actually is on several of my book playlists. My house full of boys and however… ;)
I totally get it. Hurry up and grow baby girl! Momma needs back up! 

Okay, looks like we’re up to sixteen questions. Sooo…
17-19. When “Reasons” hits the New York Times best seller list and the paparazzi start hounding you…will you stop wearing your pajama pants when you hit the McDonald’s drive through? Will you do your hair every time you step out of the house? Or do you give a hoot? 

It's a good day when I put pants on. Yes, sometimes they are pajama pants, but they are far more comfortable. My hair is rarely done ever, unless you count retying it in a ponytail over and over. I rock the "mom" look, though, so they can take as many pics as they want.
Final question!!!
You know it’s just a matter of time before tabloids start catching me in shots like this…
You get to be the snarky writer…what’s the caption gonna be?

The secret to writing blazing hot romance is:

1. Book a hotel.

2. Wear your sexiest pajamas.

3. Order pizza and diet coke.

4. Be Elizabeth Seckman.
Oh, you are too kind. You know it will be more like:
 Romance writer, Elizabeth Seckman, evidently abandoned by her husband for her bad hair and worse fashion sense was found in a seedy hotel binging on pizza and diet coke!

You write good books, but you don't do snark very well ;)

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  1. Happy Blogoversay and Good Friday to you Liz. Congrats to Cassie on her book. From a young age I pledged myself not to make a regular diet of Glamour and other magazines that can just make you feel fat or inadequate. Still peek on a rare occasion but I believe my weight acceptance is partly due to avoiding stuff that tells you to be skinny forever.

    Oh Liz that pic makes me want to jump in next to you. Relaxing with pizza and coke sounds fab. And I'm not a mom but often have mom hair myself. Which ironically my own mom gets upset about because she thinks I need to 'fix up' myself more. She just can't accept that I'm not a person who thinks she needs to look like a fashion diva while inside the house. *Sigh*

    You and Cassie together is just classic. Yup I watched Catfish on MTV as well and screaming Catfish is just wrong. Only Cassie would willing write about checking her underwear. Great post you two and thanks for the giveaway.

    1. Thanks Sheena-kay! I'd love to hang out and eat pizza with you! I can't think of anything more fun :)

  2. Hehe great interview. My cure for bad hair is cutting it short - I haven't owned a brush for 8 years!

    Happy blogaversary Liz :-)

    1. Mine is thick and curly. Cut it short and I look like I'm wearing a helmet.

  3. Great interview! Mom hair is now grandma hair...looks the same though. :)

    1. I think you look marvelous! And Grandma hair will be fine with me.

  4. A super-awesome happy blogaversary my dear friend! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations and may the road ever rise to meet your feet!!!!

  5. Hilarious! Nice to know you are a hundred percent natural, Cassie.

  6. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!! So excited to make a pixie for the winner! I'm typing with 1 hand right now cuz my 8yo son is asleep in my lap. He's huge but i refuse to give up this special mommy moment. :}
    Writing in PJs is the best! And its a rare day when i do my hair.
    Congrats to Cassie! And heres to many more blogging years for you Elizabeth! ((hugs))

  7. Happy blogoversary to youuuu! You look pretty young and gorgeous for two, Liz. :) Great party!!

  8. Happy Blogiversary, Liz! Congrations! And awesome giveaway too - I entered! It's hard not to - I LOVE, LOVE CASSIE MAE/BECCA ANN girl!

    When I hit my first blogiversary, I should celebrate with the awesome Cassie Mae! Thanks for the idea ;)

  9. Happy Blogiversay! I hope the terrible twos aren't too awful:D And thanks for the giveway. Cassie Mae is a riot. I mean Becca Ann... no Cassie Ann ... Cassie Becca AnnaMae, that's it.


    Okay... I sang... LOL... it must be the sunshine and FINALLY warmer temps. LOL.

    Congrats Cassie Mae... BECCA or whoever you are at the moment... LOL//

    SUCH A fun and happy post/. LOOOOOOVE the pixie!

  11. So funny! Thanks, you two! :-) Good old Cartman - I do love him!

  12. Happy Blogaversary!! I'll sing with ya, but it won't be good.

    What a fun chat. I've not seen Catfish. Congrats to Cassie!

  13. Happy Blogiversary.
    Fun interview! :)

  14. Aha, I'm going to leave one of my highly collectable comments that will be much shorter than usual.

    This was a lot of fun and I can see you have fun with Cassie Mae or Becca Ann or heck, even Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star! Oh, on behalf of Penny who is having a well earned nap, I, her mere human, wish you hearty congrats on your second year Blogaversary. Be well and smile, even through gritted teeth.

    Your starstruck fan,

    Penny's human,

    Gary :)

  15. Kicking it with the terrible twos!!


    I do what I want lol!!

    And love the Cassie Mae - uh - Becca Ann - Uh - Cassie Becca? Well, loved the interview. Actually, that was not an interview, that was two chicks on chocolate having a good time!


    Happy Blogiversary!

  16. Cassie Mae . . . ur Becca Ann rocks. Got my copy of both your books!

  17. Happy blogiversary! *throws confetti* Such awesome treats for your bloggy friends and it's great seeing Cassie/Becca here.

  18. Oh my! Happy 2nd bloggingversary! And dang, your interview skills are chocolately fairylicious awesomness!! Me love u 2 long time!! Crossing fingers to win!! Hot sexy photos

  19. Happy Blogoversary - very exciting! Love the interview with Cassie/Becca! She's an awesome lady!

  20. Happy Blog-o-versary! Great interview and answers with Cassie Mae- fingers crossed for the entry. I'd love a pixie and I'm always up for more books!

  21. Happy, happy and congrats! Just downloaded your book and wishing you many many more.


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