Can You Believe Koopmans?! And a ShamWowY!

3:00 AM Elizabeth Seckman 10 Comments

Mark Koopmans invited me over and then tried to stump me with a crazy prompt.

Well, few people know this, but Mark and I are twins. We were separated prior to conception and were raised on different continents, but we still share the same crazy jeans. I just look better in them.

So, when a twisted man gives a twisted gal a twisted prompt you get twisted posts.

If you want to know my answer to "Serge was a Swahili snow shovel salesman and..."

Scootch on over Mark...we need to squeeze another Irishman, um, I mean woman...the fabulous, flexible Morgan Shamy wants to know, "Who are the Seckmans?"

And if you want to know who your Paddy is...check out Mark's upcoming "Got Green" blog hop HERE


  1. Lucky you to have a twin on another continent. That alone should be a great story idea ;)

    1. Some sort of crime duo...Mark commits them, I try to catch him.

  2. Aloha Twinny,

    How can I be a Pantser if I don't even get to wear the jeans??

    (I feel weird 'cos my post isn't even LIVE! yet (for another seventy-five minutes) but I have to wait until midnight Hawaii time :)

    Thanks Liz for inviting me to be a Tour guide for HEALING SUMMER and I am sooo impressed you came up with an awesome answer to my bizarre prompt :)

    1. You're always good for a merry challenge! But puhlease...stop whining about the's not my fault imaginary mom likes me better.

      I think we're both live now and your listed as a tour stop. It's a grand list and is growing each week, so keep checking in!

  3. Replies
    1. Then my day is complete. :)
      Hope that makes up for the stress of Christmas for the dragon in you!

  4. Oh my gosh... I can't WAIT to go read Mark's post today!!!! Hahahaha... I want to know how you pulled this off, Liz!!!!

  5. I love that you look better in the shared jeans, that totally made me smile.


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