Good Bye Cruel World!!!

4:45 AM Elizabeth Seckman 2 Comments

Okay, so the count down has begun. It's six days past December 21, 2011 and the world as we know it is winding down.

Or so say the Mayans.

Or so say those who attempt to interpret the relevance of an ancient calendar...which was created by an ancient culture which also considered human sacrifice and cannibalism fine logic. Forgive me for saying neither impress me with their credentials.

So, you won't be shocked when I admit I have zero intentions of cashing in, checking out, and spending my final year on earth partying it up. I fully expect there will be a 2013.

But...let's just say it was the final would you spend it? Me? I'd probably spend less time worrying about cleaning and mowing the lawn and devote more time to play.

Oh, wait, I already do that.

It didn't take an apocalypse or a doomsday clock** to make me realize life is short, that people are precious, and that any given day could be the last.

So what if my house is dusty and my van says wash me? I made it to level 12 on Nazis Zombies today.

And that my friends, IS IMPORTANT. We all know this calendar stuff is bogus, but the Zombie Apocalypse? DUDE! THAT IS COMING! And learning how to aim ranks well above vacuuming and just below stock piling machetes (a headless zombie is a dead, or well deader zombie).

Man your arms and arm your mans....just be ready. It could get flesh decaying ugly out there.

And if you don't buy either worst case scenario, then feel free to relax...there's always tomorrow to get things done.

**Here's a link to a Mayan Calendar doomsday clock if you need to know how much time is left.


  1. Oh man! You know how angry I will be if the world *does* end in December 2012?! Cause I graduate in May, and if I only get to have my Bachelors for a few months, I'll be very sad. And my book will never see the light of day, either. No world, you cannot end!!

  2. I think you're safe. The date will come and go like so many other doomsday deadlines. That's my prediction. :)


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