RIP, Friend

6:53 AM Elizabeth Seckman 6 Comments

Some of my very best friends are people I have never met. Not in real life, at least. Ten or so years ago, I started blogging only because the powers that be said the best way to sell books was to have a blog. It was, quite honestly, a means to an end. What I quickly realized was that the blogging world is more than a platform, it is a community. Over the years, I've seen bloggers step up and help fellow writers promote when they couldn't because of personal tragedy; I've seen bloggers support one another through hardships and loss; and sadly, on more than one occasion, bloggers have had to say good-bye to a fellow blogger and friend in an online tribute. Unfortunately,  that time has come again. 

On January 3, we lost another friend, Jeremy Hawkins of Being Retro.

On February 2, we are going to pay tribute and give back to one who was so giving and involved in our community.

To honor his life and support the family he leaves behind, on that day:

· Post a story or memory about Jeremy.

· Post photos of Jeremy.

· Share some of the graphics he made for you.

· Post a photo of you wearing one of the t-shirts he designed.

· And to support his family, between now and then, if you can, purchase one of his t-shirt designs
, one of his books, or one of his prints

Spread the word and let’s pay tribute to one of the most supportive and loyal guys ever to cross our paths, Jeremy Hawkins.


  1. We will never forget Jeremy. You're right this is more than a platform - it's a community of friends.

  2. You're so right that this is a community of friends. Sorry that I didn't know Jeremy, but I'm glad that those of you who did are remembering him.

  3. I have ALWAYS said this is an amazing community. In so many cases, I am closer to my blogger friends than members of my family. For over twelve years I have been in this community and I cherish all the people I have come to love and will greatly miss them when go. I was only a causal acquaintance of Jeremy, but I do remember his exuberant energy.

    I hope all is well with you, Elizabeth.... take care.

  4. Such a shame about Jeremy. I have two of his shirts, the IWSG one and a Minion one.

  5. I started with the same idea and found the same as you: this is a community, not a platform. Jeremy will be missed.

  6. This is an amazing and supportive community. The loss of one is hard.


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