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About Her is the follow-up book to About Us, a free novel released last year. About Us is Hayden and Cam's story. In that story, Hayden leaves her abusive ex and calls on her husband's cousin, Cam, for help. Hayden's friend, Mark, warns her that Cam is and always has been in love with her and pulling him into her end-of-marriage disaster could end in heartache. Hayden doubts Mark's instincts. Cam couldn't be in love with her because Cam is involved with Shelley, his total knock-out of a girlfriend.

Hayden and Cam's happily ever after leaves Shelley alone and wandering the globe, so she needed her own story, so there is About Her. 

The snippet below is, at this point, the beginning of About Her.  The asterisks mark the end of the 8 sentences. I added the rest just to wrap up the opening scene. 

Red-faced and mortified, Shelley Ward wasn’t at all surprised that her plan to get her life on track went south after one of her many bad choices came back to bite her in the ass. This day—this life was turning out to be one shit thing after another. Even her carry-on bag refused to roll up the carpeted gangway. As she picked it up to check the offending wheel, she spotted two burly security guards coming toward her.
Maybe they were on their way to arrest the bitch stewardess?
“Ma’am." He looked at Shelley. "You need to come with us.”
Her crap luck continued.
“Why?” she asked as they each took her by an arm and practically carried her from the gangway through the airport. They didn’t answer, but the one was nice enough to take her bag for her, or was he taking it from her? Panic made her heart heart skip a beat.
She wanted to make big changes in her life, but that didn’t include a trip to jail. She tried to explain to her blue-clad escorts, “I didn’t cause any trouble, I swear. I was the one who was harassed. I left the plane of my own accord to calm people down.”
“Someone said you mentioned a bomb?”
“I never said bomb. Someone else said bomb, not me.”
“There are other people on the flight with bombs?”
“No,” she said a bit too loudly. She took a deep breath and tried to remain calm. “The stewardess was being a—” It probably didn’t win her any favors to call the woman, a co-worker of the men in blue, names. “The stewardess accused me of sleeping with her husband in front of everyone on the plane. I was embarrassed and decided to leave. No bombs.”
“The attendant said you were noncompliant.”
“I traded seats with a little girl who wanted the window. The stewardess said seat-trading wasn’t allowed. I asked her to show me where it’s written, to which she launched into calling me names and freaking out on me. I told you, she thinks her husband and I—”
“Holy Mother of God, Shelley Ward, is that you?”
Shelley looked up. At first glance, she thought it was her ex, Cam, and her heart soared, but quickly she realized the man in front of her was too polished and well groomed to be Cam. Then it dawned on her. He was Cam’s wife’s little buddy, though he was hardly little. How did she not realize how tall, and damnededly handsome Mark Salvan grew up to be?
“In the flesh.” He flashed his model-worthy smile at her before making eye contact with the security guard holding her arm. “What is going on here?”
The man said nothing, so Shelley said, “A huge misunderstanding. That’s what’s going on. One I don’t need an escort for.”
“She has to leave the airport,” the escort carrying her bag said.
“I have to leave? I can’t leave. I need to book another flight.”
“Ma’am, you were thrown off the last flight. You can’t book another one tonight.”
“How in the world did you get kicked off an airplane?” Mark’s smile was so broad she figured he was stifling a laugh.
Heat pooled in her cheeks. “I kicked myself off my flight.”
“Doomsday premonition?” Mark asked.
“Nothing like that,” Shelley said. “It was an awkward flight. The stewardess announced to everyone in coach that I was a homewrecking slut.”
Mark’s eyes widened. “Dear God, you were flying coach?” 

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  1. LOL! After all that, flying coach was what made an impression! Love this scene and welcome aboard WeWriWa!!

    1. He understands priorities. LOL

      I'm glad I found it. I was just telling myself I needed to start thinking like a writer and there was the linky list. It was serendipity.

  2. Lol! Not what I expected the final words to be! You've infused humor into a tense situation. Nicely done! Is this a WIP? Couldn't find it on Amazon.

    Welcome to WeWriWa! :-)

    1. Thank you!

      Yes, it is a WIP. The first book is available on Amazon. This snippet is from book two, which is still in the rough draft stage.

  3. I'd be really annoyed with Mark at this point. Not funny, dude IMHO. But quite a situation she's in. Enjoyed the excerpt...

    1. Give him time, his heart is as big as his snark.

  4. Oh gosh, sounds like a horrible day! I wonder if Mark will help make it any better. Nice snippet!

  5. What a funny description of an awful mess. She needs a kind word.

    1. She certainly does. She's in need of a kind word and a friend!

  6. Flying coach seemed to be more of impact on him. lol Enjoyed the snippet.

  7. Fun:) Is this one your current WIP? Anything I can do to help?

    1. I'll be sending to you soon...hopefully. I'm plodding along with it.

  8. Did this guy just insult those of us who always travel coach?

    And welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!

    1. As a habitual flyer in coach, I suppose he is. And to think I wrote myself an insult. What was I thinking? LOL

  9. As if flying coach is the worst offense that occurred in this fine comedy of errors! I think I wouldn't like this guy very much, regardless of how handsome he is. But, hopefully, he can get the heroine out of her pickle. This was a lively, enjoyable scene.
    Your book is included in this week's Roost Recommendations, featuring a link to this post, a buy link, and a blurb. I share the Roost Recommendations posts on Twitter with readers looking for their next read.

    1. I do hope he is adequately able to redeem himself. A little spoiler...yes, he does get her out of her dilemma.

      Thank you so much for sharing the book. That was so nice of you!


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