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Thanks to fellow blogger and talented artist, Al Diaz, AKA Father Dragon, I have a shiny new cover! Hotel renovations are a part of this happily ever after and I couldn't imagine a way to incorporate the hotel flip with a stock photo cover. I called (or emailed) Father Dragon and asked for his help and after a few back and forths- I have the perfect cover for my next story.

Some hearts are fixer uppers, hers is a total flip. 
For Danni Lowry, going home for her aunt’s funeral means facing reality, and that's not something she's eager to do. Since leaving North Carolina, she's lost her money, her husband, and all hope for happiness.

She goes to the memorial, but regret hits her on arrival. She is about to leave when she bumps into Fisher, her childhood friend and one-time sweetheart. For him, she will stay for the memorial that challenges her grief… and her sanity. During the service, Danni swears she sees her aunt—the dead one—bouncing about, making fun and cracking jokes.

Certain she’s lost her mind, Danni tries again to go, but Aunt Max won't allow it. She is a reminder that Danni has obligations. There is the hotel. It is now Danni's and a sensible person would flip it before selling it. There is young Darby, the orphaned teen her aunt was adopting. Danni couldn't leave the child homeless. And finally, there is Fisher— loyal, dependable, heart-skippingly-handsome Fisher. The guy she didn’t realize she missed until he was gone.

Fisher offers to help her with the renovations hoping she'll stay long enough for him to convince her they are meant to be together. Danni agrees to the help and to the friendship, but nothing more. She will not lose Fisher to love. Not again. It's better to stay friends. Friends don't break up like lovers do.

It's a wrap...


Before I go...
I also want to wish my baby happy birthday! He's the fourth in best series I ever created. He's twenty years old today. Happy Birthday, cutie pie!
Smiling pretty in London. 


  1. Al did a great job!
    Happy birthday to Conner. He's home now with you, correct?

    1. Yes, he is. All of them are. And I'm not complaining, just saying, if you need to find me, I'm probably in the kitchen...

  2. Happy birthday to your baby.

    That's a cute cover.

  3. Congrats, Elizabeth! It's an awesome cover for your new book!

  4. Happy Birthday, baby fourth. Books sound like a great read, can't wait. Great cover, congratulations.

  5. Love the cover! Sounds like a fun read. Happy Birthday to your son!

  6. Aw, what a cute cover! Al did a wonderful job with it. And the synopsis sounds like a lot of fun, as well. Many congrats!

  7. Awesome cover!
    All the best and stay safe!

  8. Congrats Elizabeth. I like the cover.
    Happy birthday to Conner.

  9. Happy birthday, Connor! And congrats, Liz! (Notice you took second place. LOL)

  10. Adorable cover. Clever premise. Congrats on the new book and Happy birthday to the handsome guy!!


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