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Hotel Pennsylvania
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Last August, when my husband and I took our oldest son, Caleb, up to law school in New York, we stayed at the Hotel Pennsylvania across from Madison Square Garden. Now, I will admit, usually I'm pretty picky about hotels in cities and this place's ratings were awful. Lots and lots of one star reviews. The place was also cheap...much cheaper than you'd ever expect that close to Times Square. Usually, I have a rule about hotels in cites needing to be at least a certain base price to be safe, clean, and habitable, but I was totally enamored with this place's history, so I rolled the traveler dice and booked us a room. What's so special about this place to make me ignore some very scary one-star reviews? 

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My grandpa was a Big Band swing musician in the 1940's  and even though he was no longer playing in any bands, when I was a little girl, he'd still put some Glenn Miller or Cab Calloway on the record player and play along with them. He could play most any instrument, but the double bass, the guitar, and the piano were the ones I remember most. My job during these makeshift jam sessions was to dance, and boy did I ever. The Big Band sound is so upbeat and hopeful, it became a natural favorite of mine. 

So, imagine my delight when I read that in its prime, the Hotel Penn's Cafe Rouge was the gathering spot for most of the Big Bands of the Swing Era. 
  It was so well known for hosting bands that the hotel's phone number became iconic. People would call Pennsyvania 6-5000 to find out what bands were playing. It was so popular a hang out for Big Band leaders and singers, Glenn Miller set the phone number to music... 

*Other lists of notables associated with the Hotel Penn- 
*Willaim Faulkner stayed there to finish a novel.  
*Harry Houdini debunked the claims of a mystic who claimed to have X-ray vision. 
*A crime boss threw a $40,000 party where there was reportedly tubs filled with champagne.
*May be the home of the Chef Salad. 
*Doris Day debuted Sentimental Journey. 
*Frank Olsen, US Army bacteriologist, jumped from a 13th floor window. NYPD called it suicide, others say it was actually a CIA assassination. 
*Home of the first Star Trek convention.
*Muppet character Statler or Statler and Waldorf was named for the hotel. 

The Cafe Rouge Photo Credit: Public Domain

So, did the hotel live up to the hype of history? 
I'll save that for next week. I don't want the post to get too long...

Onto this week's good thing check-in!!

Thanks to our hosts LexaL.G, and Tonja Drecker for this weekly good things check in! 

~It's spring break for WVU! Cole and Carter, are home for the week. 

~Cole's 21st birthday is Monday. I still can't believe my baby is now of legal drinking age. 

~My mother has been doing great. I'm super proud of her. She took a lot of major hits this winter- health problems and her husband left her- but she has been tackling life like a trooper, Sure, she caught a potato on fire trying to cook it in the microwave, but hey, crap happens. 

The writers for the Hero Lost Anthology (all but me, I'm riding their marketing coat tails!) have been working hard getting word out on this amazing collection. 

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  1. How cool that your grandfather was such a great musician. I always wondered about the origin of PENNSYLVANIA 6-5000.


  2. Congrats to Kristin.

    That hotel has an incredible history, but looks really spooky!

  3. Does that mean a hotel has arrived when they name a Muppet after it?
    Happy birthday to Cole.
    Glad your mother is doing better and surviving it all. Yeah, she went through some crap.
    Great cover, Kristin!

  4. I LOVE Big Band music! Glenn Miller, Stan Kenton, and Buddy Rich are my faves. The deets about the hotel are awesome! Happy Birthday to Cole, and big yay for your mom! Kristin's books sound so interesting and mysterious. Wishing her much success!

  5. Hopefully it wasn't as bad a stay as the one stars say. Neat about the big band history. CIA can be cagey bunch and muppets too, quite the added history. If all she does is blow up a potato that is a win indeed. Congrats to Kristin.

  6. I think I'd have to give that hotel a try, too! We stayed at a historic hotel in Chattanooga that gets a LOT of bad reviews. But at one time it was THE hotel to stay at in the area. Even though it definitely could've used some renovations, there was some history there that you can't get if you stay in a newer hotel.

  7. Those old hotels were so elegant and charming. I took my mom to Chicago (her old stomping grounds) to stay at The Drake because her aunt and uncle had worked there in the 20's. From her oral history, I learned that it used to be the hangout for Al Capone and that her uncle was his barber. That added a lot to our visit and she enjoyed the time so much.

  8. Congrats to Kristin! I have to admit, I really want to know how or if you liked the hotel. The last time we were in NYC, we stayed in Brooklyn at a bed and breakfast that did not really offer breakfast. But it was cool being in a neighborhood.

  9. Ooh, I'm dying to know how your hotel experience turned out! I think it would be awesome to stay in a hotel with so much history!

    Thank you SO much for sharing the cover reveal for FORGOTTEN!!! I missed it on Friday, somehow. I'm sorry!! Hugs! <3

  10. I love Big Band music. And Pennsylvania 6-5000. I never knew it stemmed from the hotel. How cool! Now kindly stop keeping us in suspense because I must know if the hotel lived up to the hype. Kthx.

  11. Woot! Woot! Congrats on Kristin's cover reveal:) Looks awesome!


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