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A shot of Louis inside Carter's hoodie pocket.
He's very content to snuggle up in the pocket and snooze. 

Meet the newest member of the Seckman household-  Loius Vuitton, the sharp dressed man. He's an Algerian Hedgehog, and he wasn't cheap. But boy #3 has wanted one for years.
I kept telling him no. I knew nothing about hedgehogs and had zero interest in taking care of another pet, much less an exotic one. But then, during a online book event, I asked readers to post a picture of a cute guy for a chance to win a free ebook. A lady posted a picture of her pet hedgehog.
The red mark is the mark the breeder painted
on his quills to tell him from his brothers. 
She was a fan of the little critters.
She assured me they weren't difficult to raise; weren't often bothered by other pets; and were very lovable little fellas.
"Come on," she said, "get your kid a hedgehog!"
I told him what she said and agreed- if I could find a reputable local breeder, he could get one.
Oh, and he needed to save $500 to buy it and the supplies he'd need (and I hoped to slow him down...maybe to the point of losing interest...hey, don't judge!).
But he did it.
Now, we have baby Loius.
When I shared Louis' picture on Facebook, our very own blog buddy. Jo Wake, pointed out that they had hedgehogs in England, but they were kept outside in pens. And- gasp- some people ate them!
Her husband, Matt, has eaten hedgehog and reported it was quite delicious.
If anyone wants a hedgehog recipe, go visit Jo.

Louis in his new home.
For now, he lives in a plastic tote with holes drilled in the sides.
He's on top oh his "home"- a modified Amazon shipping box.
When he's not being played with, we keep the lid on him to protect him from our cat.
Like Jo's Matt- Mayzie is pretty certain this guy is dinner. 
Thanks to our hosts LexaL.G, and Tonja Drecker for this weekly good things check in!  

1. The Seckmans had a great Christmas. My blogging was awful, but I was ready for Christmas- cookies and all. Thanks again to all my guest bloggers (Tyrean Martinson, Alex Cavanaugh, Jo Wake, Lisa Buie-Collard, and Cathrina Constantine) who posted during the holiday. 

2. This year's resolution is to renew my faith and trust that God puts me where I need to be when I need to be there. There is more joy in living in the moment.

3. Finally got the rough draft for The Thing That Turned Me anthology with Randi Lee and many other fabulous writer friends. I was getting worried that I had no ideas. Whew. Late night inspiration saved me.

Here's the trailer. Randi did a great job.


  1. How could anyone eat that? Glad your son finally got the hedgehog he'd always wanted.
    It's going to be a rocking good anthology, isn't it?
    And I like your second resolution.

    1. Sorry guys, but most animals have been eaten at some time or another. The gypsies Matt knew cooked them regularly. I didn't know hedgehogs were available in Algeria. I actually understand that wild hedgehogs are declining in the UK. Possibly the fault of the gypsies!!

    2. You're right, Jo. My grandmother once told me that when she was a girl and food wasn't as reliable as it is now, they weren't so picky about what was put on the table. When it came time to butcher a hog, they'd eat everything but the squeal.

      Alex, I think it will be an awesome anthology. I'm flattered to be among the list! So many great names on there.

  2. He's a cutie! And I love the name. :)

    Thanks for the reminder to trust that we are in life where we need to be, in that moment, even if we don't always know the reason.

    1. I need reminders of that myself every now and then.

  3. Don't think I'd ever want to eat a hedgehog. Your cat may have other ideas though lol

    1. I know the cat has other ideas. We had to put a lid on the goldfish bowl because she'd try to drink all the water until the fish was within reach. Then she'd barf water everywhere.

  4. He's cute! I've heard hedgehogs make great pets. :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I LOVE hedgehogs and had wanted one for a while, but decided in the end to get a puppy... the holy terrier.... I should've gotten the hedgehog... cheaper and less work and stress...

  7. Congratulations on being included in the Anthology. Inspiration is amazing. I love your resolution. Hope the new year brings lots of blessings.

  8. What a cute little guy! How could anyone eat that - except a cat of course. It's funny that your son surprised you by being so determined and coming up with the money despite your evil plan. lol Congrats on the story and the vid! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  9. I love his name!!! My poor daughters have always wanted exotic pets - birds (many varieties), turtles, hedgehogs, etc, and I've been one of those terrible moms that said,"no way." Caring for animals in cages or fish bowls has never been a strength of mine. I did have a lot of bunny rabbits as a kid, but I had to sell off 27 of them and keep just one after the great "cage wall" incident of 1982 (we were on vacation and my bunny care-givers just didn't realize how determined bunnies are about being together - to the point of chewing through metal cage wires).
    I wish you the best with your sweet little Louis!
    And congrats on the anthology!

    I'm so thankful for your Christmas posts! I didn't visit much during December and I didn't comment much, but I did stop by and see a few of those.

    Yay for last-minute ideas!

    Happy Weekend!

    1. Oh, and I accidentally commented with my home-school co-op teacher account . . . agh. Darth Techius strikes again. Really, it's just me - or

  10. Greetings, Louis. I have no interest in eating you.


  11. Thanks for sharing the trailer, Elizabeth! And OH-EM-GEE! That must be the cutest little thing ever!!!! And I love the name! I want to snuggle him!!!!

  12. Aww, Louis is SO cute...and I love his name!

  13. My kids always wanted a hedgehog. Just wait till I tell them about yours! I also like your second resolutions, perfect! And Randi did a great job on the anthology video!!

  14. Thanks. Now I have ZZ Top playing in my head.

    Kidding. Love the name!
    And I'm howling about Michael's 'holy terrier.' xD

  15. He certainly has a style of his own!

  16. Too cute! And how exciting that you're in the anthology. Great trailer.

  17. Too cute! And how exciting that you're in the anthology. Great trailer.

  18. I look forward to the anthology.

    So cute. I can't believe people eat them.

  19. Hi Elizabeth,

    Ah yes, hedgehogs! In the UK, it's time we had an official "Hedgehog Day." Yes, hedgehogs are in decline in the UK. The main factors seem to be the impingement of humans on the land that was their natural habitat. Sadly, urbanisation has seen the hedgehog population decline dramatically.

    All the best with the anthology, Elizabeth.

    Gary :)

  20. It never occurred to me that hedgehogs could be pets! They are so cute, but not so cuddly :-)

  21. Cute pictures! I hope he doesn't have flees :)We have a family of hedgehogs at the bottom of our garden. I didn't realise how quickly they can run! When I hear them scuttling about I run into the house to grab my camera(phone), flick on the garden light and ZOOOM they're gone. I'll get a pic one day :)Great post, Elizabeth and I'm so pleased you had a good family Christmas. That's what life is all about! Have a great week.

  22. Yay for the anthology! Brave mama. He's adorable, but I don't do pets. (We might if I was the only one with allergies.) I love that idea--having readers post pictures for a contest.

  23. Awww, he is a cutie. Do they grow up to behave like dogs, where you can play fetch and such?


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