Christmas with Lisa!

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Lisa is already on holiday in France to visit family and hopefully enjoy some wine and pastries.

Before she left the country, she was kind enough to share her Christmas thoughts and cookie recipe with us.

Favorite Christmas movie:
(I have 2), Miracle on 34th Street and The Original Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Song (s):
 "Oh Holy Night" (I just LOVE the "fall on your knees" part especially when Celine Dion sings it!) and "Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella" it's soooo happy!

Opening one present (only) on Christmas Eve and doing the stockings with the "kids" first thing Christmas morning while the adults drink coffee and get their heads on straight! Then comes the opening of presents.

 I don't have just one! I always LOVE Christmas with my family. An unusual Christmas for me a few years ago was going to France and spending it with my in laws, which we had never done. It was wonderful, and I get to do it again this year! I always miss my kids when I'm not with them for holidays and birthdays, but that's what happens when they get older and lives of their own...

Cookie recipe:
From the Joy of Cooking (yes, I do have ONE favorite cook book!)

Cinnamon Stars
Preheat oven to 300 degrees
Sift: 2 cups confectioners' sugar
Whip until stiff but not dry: 5 egg whites, 1/8 teaspoon salt
Add the sugar gradually, continuing to whip. Add: 2 teaspoons cinnamon,1 teaspoon grated lemon rind
Whip constantly. Reserve one-third of the mixture. Fold into the remainder: 1 pound ground unblanched almonds
Dust a board or pastry canvas lightly with confectioners sugar. Pat the dough to the thickness of 1/3 inch; it is too delicate to roll. If it tends to stick, dust your palms with confectioners sugar. Cut the cakes with a star or other cutter, or simply mold them into small mounds. Glaze the tops with the reserved mixture. Back on a greased cookie sheet about 20 minutes (I prefer using parchment paper) for the cooking part.

Makes about 45 1 1/2 inch stars.

Lisa is an award-winning author and super mom who is able to plan weddings at the flutter of a heart.

As beautiful as she is sweet, Lisa is a great writer friend and blogger.

You can find her website HERE.

Thanks to our hosts LexaL.G, and Tonja Drecker for this weekly good things check in!  

1. Christmas is a week away!

2. The boys are home on vacation. 

3. My sister is coming for a visit. 

4. I'm more blessed than I often remember. Below is a story I read on Peaches Ledwidge's blog. It's the story of a lady who lost her vision, her love, and her home, but not her faith. Take a minute to read this story and count your blessings too. 

Angela's Story



  1. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year, Elizabeth. so happy you'll be with your family. it makes the season so much more special.

  2. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and New Year, Elizabeth. so happy you'll be with your family. it makes the season so much more special.

  3. Hey, that's our tradition! One present, then stockings followed by presents the next morning. Cool.

  4. I love Oh Holy Night sung by Celine Dion!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

  5. Wonderful celebrations, Elizabeth! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. I just wish I was in France for Christmas too. I hope she enjoys her Christmas.

    You have some good friends Liz.

  7. Original grinch was the best indeed. One gift on christmas eve we have done as well.

  8. How awesome that Lisa is spending Christmas in France! I love the Grinch movie too - nothing beats Dr Seuss. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family coming home and visiting. Have a good weekend, Elizabeth! :)

  9. No, NO presents until Christmas. Never! ...Okay, we're pretty lax with that too. Have an awesome Christmas and equally awesome New Year!

  10. Wow...France! Now THAT is a nice holiday.

  11. I love hearing about everyone's Christmas traditions. They are all special because they are your own. Glad to hear the boys are home- I know that must make you very, very happy. And busy. Merry Christmas Elizabeth!!

  12. Hey Elizabeth,

    Awesome to note that the lovely Lisa has shared her thoughts on here. I'm liking her Christmas movie choices, especially the Grinch one! :)

    Thank you for that poignant ending to your post, Elizabeth. A peaceful, hopeful Christmas to you and your loved ones.


  13. I hope it was a wonderful and yummy Christmas for you and Lisa.
    Drop by to reminisce about some comment-highlights at Life by Chocolate; of your best is featured.
    Love to you.

  14. Lovely post and enjoyed learning more about Lisa!

    It's my end of the year post to all the bloggers I know and love, so naturally - you're on the list! Thanks for your hard work, great posts, and bloggy friendship. Wishing you all the best in 2016 from "the Flipside."


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