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Be yourself. 
When I was in my early thirties, I had a pair of over-alls I absolutely loved but feared were heading out of style.

I mentioned this to my then-teen niece, Kari, and she said, "At your age, why do you care?"

No, I didn't slap her.

Instead, I imagined myself jumping (or rather climbing gently as to not break any of my old, brittle bones) off the fashion band wagon. And honestly? It felt good. I'd ridden that wagon in plaid pants that flattered nothing; doused in enough hairspray to be flammable; and in shoulder pads wide enough to protect an NFL lineman.

I tested my new freedom out shopping one day. A sales clerk was trying to talk me into a purse with fringe. And glitter.

I'm not a glitter or fringe sort of gal.

I felt a little guilty. The young gal was selling it hard. Then she said, "It's all the fashion."

"No thanks," I said. "I'm post thirty...I've graduated to only being me."

Now? If I like it, I wear it. If I don't, I won't. Life's too short not to Be me.

B is also for Books!
A few faves: Of Mice and Men (John Steinbeck); Gone with the Wind (Margaret Mitchell); Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte); The Thorn Birds (Colleen McCollough); Night (Elie Wiesel); The Bell Jar (Sylvia Plath); and Jonathon Livingston Seagull (Richard Bach)

A room without books is like a body without a soul. Cicero

Need an easy, delicious snack for noshing while you read?

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  1. Good morning! Love it. Being me...embrace it! Simplicity too! Have a great day fellow Muffin Commando Squad!

  2. That's all fashion really is, who you are! I love bean dip :)

  3. Black bean dip sounds good.
    I never understood the shoulder pads.

  4. I don't know if I could have not slapped her. lol! Really great mix of B stuff today. And great advice. I'm now built more for comfort than for speed or fashion. :D

  5. Books, yummy!

    I love your "Be" on fashion. The best 'fashion' comeback I ever heard was from my Great-Aunt Mary to a young lady who was trying the hard sell approach. Auntie Mary looked her up and down with a smile and said "No thank you my dear. You see, I've graduated from fashion, now I have style."

    I adored that lady!

  6. Just have to be you and give the others a screw you. Hmm bad choice of words to go along with B easy lol

  7. The people who wear what they want are frequently more fashionable than those who follow fashions these days, I think.

    I definitely agree with Cicero!

    -Pax, (currently) 504 on the Blogging A-Z list

  8. Thanks for stopping by yesterday!
    I've graduated to only being me - Well said. Enjoy being yourself and never feel guilty :)

  9. Forget fashionable - I aim for clean and neat and put together overall. That's when I'm out. At home, I'm all about the yoga or pajama pants. :)

  10. Be the best "me" you can be!

    My whole flipster schtick revolves on the premise that once I hit 50, I looked at everything differ. On the flipside of 50, I do what I want to do. I wear what I want to wear. It's awesome.

  11. I've been me - fashion-wise - since I was 17. In fact, I'm considering what to do with a pair of boots I've owned for years which now everyone else seems to be wearing. I want to buy unique ones!

    Annalisa, writing A-Z vignettes, at Wake Up, Eat, Write, Sleep

  12. Oh that's too funny! To teens thirty is ancient. (They'll learn soon enough.) I've never been good enough at knowing what's in to worry too much about fashion. :)

  13. This is such a fabulous post. Your example is great encouragement to all ages.

  14. If you like it and feel comfortable in it, own it! :)

    I still haven't read Gone with the Wind. I have it and I plan to read it, but I just don't know when.

  15. Isn't it great to fit into your skin and be so comfy? Wish that had happened to me years ago.

  16. Okay- yum and thanks for the black bean dip. One of my fav treats.

    The older I get the more I realize I stopped caring all together what other people think- which is a good and bad thing according to my kids....

    And I bet you rocked those overalls!!

  17. I love this approach to B! Books, of course, are always awesome, but so is being yourself. Great spin on the topic!

  18. "A room without books is like a body without a soul. Cicero"
    Ain;t that the truth???

    I love all the books you listed, have read them, some more than three times, (smile).

    Fashion-schmashion! I'm with ya!

  19. Love those books too. I certainly don't bother about fashion. Having been overweight most of my life, fashion didn't suit me anyway. Old bones indeed, Mine are a tad older than yours Liz.

  20. I love the idea of only being me! I have never been able to keep up with the latest in fashion anyways. I like the idea of making it feel like it's on purpose.

  21. I had to laugh about the shoulder pads. I have some very unfortunate pics of myself wearing that lovely style. It's taken me forever to get comfortable with being me but I think I'm finally there.
    I may have mentioned this before but your new banner is simply gorgeous! So perfect for your work!

  22. It is good to get that age to be us, isn't it? I'm a bit older than you, but I remember reaching that point where I thought "this is comfortable" and "I don't care if it is not fashionable."

    Great books you listed here ;)


  23. Absolutely love your attitude, I'm seeing myself doing (and saying) the same when I'm post thirty, and perhaps even before that, I'm not so into the latest trend and stuff, annoys me to no end. "Wuthering Heights" brought great memories back to me, thanks for sharing :)

  24. That point where you graduated into being you? Yeah...that's a good day, isn't it? I hope you kept the overalls and are still wearing them! I used to wear them at times, but found it cumbersome when trying to, ah...do my business in the ladies room! lolz

    I wish I had more time for books...when I do read, I enjoy it.

  25. I like this post, Elizabeth. We have to BE ourselves!!

  26. It can take awhile to know who oneself is, and even then a reevaluation is in order every once in a while, but to be yourself is the only way we can be. More power to those who figure this out early on. :)

  27. Excellent advice! I don't wear any scales just because they are in fashion. I don't hire dwarves that are popular either. I want everything to be comfortable for a dragon like me, not fashionable. And I have tried that recipe with Chipotles. Yummy!!!!! Dragon Hugs!

  28. The annoying thing is that girl wouldn't have understood the difference between adopting a popular fashion and just being yourself.

  29. Elizabeth, you are so right. It is so important to just Be Yourself... it's a shame that we don't actually really learn this until we're well into out thirties (or later, in some cases).
    Namaste xx

  30. I love that you said you'd graduated to being yourself. I'm still struggling with that now. I've never been a trend follower, but I've always worried about it.


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