Two Lovely Ladies...One Crazy Guy

6:00 AM Elizabeth Seckman 0 Comments

This is the plan for today- three stops. Yes, three. But they're all worthy stops.

At Kristin Smith's at Swords and Stilettos, we're talking kids' views on love. Let me tell you, they have more clarity than most adults.

At YA writer, Stephanie Faris, I'm giving my justifications on why romance novels will not rot young minds.

And finally, at Michael D'Agostino at A Life Examined, I have grabbed that gauntlet he tossed down and scribbled my flash fiction on it. You guys did your best work with your pink corsets and body hair, but you forget how twisted my brain is.

Speaking of twisted brains...can you believe Michael allowed me to take over his blog? Like seriously, I could have posted whatever I wanted. I behaved myself, though. Michael's too nice a guy to go posting those pictures I have of him in his tutu. On second thought...Michael is just as crazy as I am, he probably wouldn't have minded at all. If only I really had some....

I am so grateful to all my hosts today! Cookies for all. Or shall we indulge in the cleaner, Sesame Street approved version of rice cakes?

*Remember, top commenter (I'm counting...old school's very impressive) for the autographed book/swag pack give away.

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