Oh Baby!

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Today I am over at Crystal Colliers telling some pregnancy truths and a lie. Since Crystal will be heading off for her maternity leave soon (so exciting!!), we're doing a special baby shower give away!


Get your copy HERE!

The fabulous Banie Lee's book is FREE!!!

It's already hit #62 in paranormal urban/sci-fi/fantasy. Let's watch it go lower!

 I got my copy :)

The Blurb:
When fifteen-year-old Kylie and Camden meet at the Southeastern Ohio portal to the realm of Inswandi, Camden is torn. It is Camden’s purpose as a Watcher to protect humans, which means keeping Jud and the Obsidians sealed within the realm of Inswandi. Yet, the Obsidians whisper to Kylie to open it while she sleepwalks. 

During the day, Camden’s teenage group Team White Star patrols near the covert Arch compound disguised in their shifted form as deer. Unbeknownst to Camden and his team, his Inswandi ancestors take a first kiss very seriously. The Mate Mark has the same meaning as an engagement ring, and it has unexpectedly restarted on earth. The appearance of more colored circles upon one’s arm could mean an eternal bond has been made. 

To add to Camden’s troubles, the Watcher leaders prepare to host the annual July Jubilee. Watchers from the other seven compounds will come to the Arch for a one-week celebration. Consequently, this will leave the Arch vulnerable to uninvited guests, like Jud, a former Watcher turned Obsidian, and his followers. The shape shifting coyotes, Jud’s followers, constantly pursue the team during their break from training. They want the keys to open the portal. If Camden’s team fails to stop Jud in his quest to open the portal, the Obsidians will enslave humankind.


  1. Sounds like a fun read! I'm going to Crystal's....

  2. Yay! (And no, I don't anticipate sleeping any time in the foreseeable future.) ;)

    I still need to pop over and get my free book. So many things to do...


    1. Oh Crystal, I remember those early baby days...so exciting! And exhausting. But some of the best times of my life.

  3. Enjoyed trying to figure the lie from the truths, Elizabeth!

    1. Mine aren't nearly as exciting as some peoples- I live a pretty boring life.

  4. Replies
    1. I do too. Crystal was so clever to come up with the idea. She deserves a block of cheese!

  5. Congrats, Banie!

    Elizabeth, I guessed about the lie, but I have to admit I did it based on what I hoped was true for your sake, not on what I thought the lie really was!!

  6. Saw you over at Crystal's. And I've picked up my copy of Banie's book!

  7. How fun! You're everywhere this week, Elizabeth!

  8. The picture of the baby made me both laugh and cry. Forget sleeping in, I just want to sleep.


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