Interesting. Very Interesting.

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The blog tour continues. For your convenience, I turned off comments. I'd rather chat with you over at Lisa Regan's! Lisa is a mystery writer who has a thing for strange plot twists and bizarre characters, so I sent her a post about a gal with two woo-hoos who fell for a guy with two winky-dinks. True story.

And I'm at Melissa Maygrove's sharing some delightful tidbit of information that has totally slipped my mind. I blame the cold. It's so cold here, I went to the book store to sign books for a few hours, when I left, my van doors had frozen shut.

I'm meant to stay inside on cold, cold days. Enjoy this link. It's short and seriously funny. Made me think of Jo Wake...not that Jo would ever tangle with the police, but because she lives in Canada.

Later guys! Chat with you over at Lisa and Melissa's!

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