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Merry Christmas!!

 Cherdo and Jane Junebug are hosting a festive blog hop. These are some hilariously poignant ladies, if you're not following them, you need to rectify that now. Consider it a gift to yourself. 

Another lovely, hilarious lady Tammy Theriault has requested some Christmas tree selfies.

Does this angle make my face big?
And no, I'm not angry--
though I would be happier
if Elise sent me a hat.
Not being the master of the selfie (and forgetting to do it until bedtime!), I was hesitant- but since it's for Tammy, I grabbed my phone, adjusted my jammies and snapped away.

Now, for the blog hop!

Best Christmas memory?

See those ornaments on the tree? Those ones right there, behind my big head?

When my kids were born, I bought one ornament a year for them. Then, as soon as they could say, "mine", I let them pick their own. Now, some twenty years later, we have a strange assortment of memorable treasures- from the plate snow man to the golf ball on a string.

But, strange and un-theme-like as my tree is-  each and every ornament is a reminder of something- like the oldest son's obsession with school trucks, hence the yellow bus decked out in holly...or the giant mirrored disco ball that was the tacky toddler high fashion of tree trim

Every single item hanging on the tree has a story. And really- aren't we all about the stories?

So, what's your best ornament memory?

I'm taking a bit of a blogging break until January's IWSG (first Wednesday of the month- you know that, right?)

But, I leave you in good hands. Another funny blogger- though this time, he's a dude- is here to share with us the many ways Dan Landis* keeps the magic in his relationship(s). 

*Dan is a fictional character, or so says his "creator" Jay Mims. 


Dear Liz,

I'm always of the opinion that third time is the charm! We've talked about cheating, places to go to cheat and now it's time to talk about...RELATIONSHIPS! Because if there's one thing a private investigator and God's gift to women knows something about, it's relationship.

I'm also happy to talk about suits.
And how good I look in them.

As you know, I'm a ruggedly handsome private investigator who specializes in cheating spouses. And that's just my dating life.So, let's talk about keeping your relationship healthy.



The couple that irons at 30,000 feet together, stays together

I have always argued hobbies are what keep life interesting. For instance, I collect crazy ex's. That's not a hobby I recommend. What I do recommend, is something you both can excel at. Team sports are great, and nothing's sexier then a little competition. Just remember, as with cinnamon, a little taste can go a long way.

And laser tag is AWESOME!


Costumes are optional.
Who doesn't love an adventure? Whether it's going to get the milk or fighting zombies, there's an adventure to be had in anything. Or maybe it's just me. In fairness, my life is kind of one wacky antic after another.

My latest adventure is on sale now!


I am vengeance. I am the night. I AM DOING CARDIO!

Exercise is a great way to burn calories and improve yourself. And if you're going to be a couple, you might as well learn to improve yourselves together!

Ninjas have a surprisingly low divorce rate.


This can't possibly end badly. 
Everyone needs a goal to work toward, and if you want to keep the magic in your relationship, you need to do the same. It doesn't have to be big, maybe it's just saying one nice thing about the other person. Maybe it's running a marathon. Maybe it's actually keeping the bathroom clean for a week.

And the best way to keep the magic in your relationship?



Combining exercise, hobbies and goals, magic is a great way to keep a relationship spicy.

And nothing says "Trust" like sawing your partner in half.

And if that doesn't work, try wooing. Maybe try to understand what she's going through. Maybe try some self-improvement. Whatever works.  And if the relationship doesn't work, you can always try cheating. I even know a few places.
A great place to get away from it all!

Dan Landis lives inside the head of Jay Mims. Jay lives with a kitten named Meowstapheles, his neighbor’s cat who he accidentally adopted and calls Eartha Kitty, a lizard named Bob and a passive-aggressive Dalek roommate named Steve. He writes books and is far funnier on Facebook then in real life. He is terrible at Twitter. His latest book, Racing the Storm is available wherever books are sold. For more Dan Landis, feel free to stop by The Mimsey Blog.


  1. Oh, I love the ornaments! How fun! I'd have to tell the tale of each and everyone whenever I put the tree up.

    Thanks, Elizabeth! You're selfie is a hit, too.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I love ornaments and their stories!
    Enjoy Christmas and your time away! Nice meeting you!

  3. If I was as fabulous as you, I wouldn't need to wear a hat. ;) Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, Elizabeth. HUGS!

  4. Dan is a fun character!

    I love your ornaments and the story behind each one.

    Happy Holidays.

  5. That's very true about Ninjas.
    I like the ornaments on your tree. Ours is the same - a mish-mash of memories.
    Have a Blessed Christmas, Elizabeth.

  6. That is true indeed, each one holds a memory, until the cat decides to break them lol you look like an angry elf in that pic haha

  7. I love ornaments like that. That's how all of mine are - completely mismatched but each tells a story. I much prefer that to generic ornaments bought in 40 packs. Have a Merry Christmas, Elizabeth!

  8. Hi, Elizabeth...
    MERRY CHRISTMAS! WISHING you and your wonderful family a very FESTIVE holiday season!

    Love ornaments and they ALL do have a story to tell. I have one my godmother gave me when I was six... it's a striped pencil with a snowman head in rubber..... It has been on my tree every year since it was given to me. I adore it and it reminds me of her every year.

    I have SO many ornament and couldn't possibly put them all on one tree, but that one always makes the cut.

  9. Batman doing Cardio! Precious, lol. This was all too much fun Dan.

    Happy holidays to you both :)

  10. That's a very cute tradition! I love it, I might use that with my kids one day.

  11. I didn't even dig out the ornaments this year, but so many are handmade. I remember some of those ornament making adventures VERY well.

    Congrats to Dan and his newest book!

    Merry Christmas:)

  12. Great selfie and lovely tree. My tree is never themed. I love the patchwork of various ornaments. Have a very merry Christmas! :)

    Awesome guest post. Those are fantastic tips. Now if only my husband would wear a Batman costume. Congrats to Dan!

  13. My best ornament memory is a little doll. She holds a sign that says, Dear God, do you know this is my very first Christmas on earth? It was a gift to The Hurricane for her first Christmas. Thanks for hopping with us.


  14. My favourite ornaments are the egg ornaments my mom made for me. They are in Faberge Style and she made all the scenes inside herself from a cottage in the woods to the nativity to Santa-all in little chicken eggs. They are decorated with crystals and so well done. I treasure them now since she can no longer do them and does not even remember creating these pieces of art

  15. Jay is so cray cray he-larious. <~~ see what I did there?? Your selfie is awesome. Move over sports illustrated models!!! I also get one ornament a year with the kids. Twins!!!!!!!!! Thanks for being awesome. Yet again!

  16. I am so like you, I love all of my sentimental ornaments. In fact, when I was pulling them out of the boxes this year, I was talking to a friend on the phone and I was like, 'oh this one!' and 'oh that one!' Its always so fun to pull them out and remember :)

  17. Hi human, Elizabeth,

    Like my human, Gary, here goes....Blog hops, blog fests, alphabet challenges, make them STOP! Argggghhhh and arf! Phew, I feel better :)

    I thought that was a hat from Elise. Yes, Elise, a lady who likes to wear a "tea cosy" "cozy", on her head!

    How pawesome that every item on your tree has a story behind it. I like that idea.

    As for a "selfie", I thought that was some kind of self-pleasure. Arf and ignore me.

    Pawsitive wishes for Boxing Day Eve and beyond,

    Penny :)

  18. You just needed a longer arm or one of those extender thingys to take your selfie. However, I think you caught an artistic angle. Loved your tree and all the ornaments with stories. Those are the best.

    After reading Jay's post, I think I'll invest in skydiving, a new iron and a ninja suit. Have a wonderful Dec. break.

  19. Ninjas have a low divorce rate! Lol! You are SO funny, Liz. So. Funny. And I hope your break is going lovely. Love the selfie. You are one gorgeous babe. <3

  20. Wishing you a very happy & Prosperous New Year ..Thanks for all the support! Keep writing! Keep lighting!…BEST PRAYERS FOR FUTURE!!

  21. All the best for the New YEAR, LIZ!!!!!!

    I posted my selfie if you get a chance.... LOL....


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