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Yee haw! M Pax is selling me some real estate in her fictitious town of Settler, Oregon. Why, I haven't been this excited since I was offered some swamp land in Florida!

Little ole me gets to own my own little piece of a make believe place. 

I feel a little teary eyed. 

Now, I visited the town in my imagination, looking for just the right piece of property. 

And I think I found it!

My very own cat house!

I hear cat houses are very popular out west, so I figure this little doozy should rake me in the money!

I'm sure it won't be easy, I figure there will be cat fights and Toms sniffing around, but you have to be understanding of our furry, alley crawling friends. 

I was telling an uppity eastern friend of mine about my plan and she was like, "You're starting a house of ill repute?"

And I said, "Sure, I ain't got anything against sick pussy-cats."

If you're ever in Settler- stop by my cat house, the Napping Sun Inn.

*Settler is the fun and imaginary town created by the fabulous M. Pax to celebrate the launch of her new series. Rifters is the first book and Mary is offering it for free!

(A free book and a cat house- all in one post?!)

Get your FREE copy HERE!!

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M. Pax is a science fiction writer who often keeps her head in the clouds looking at stars and writing fantastic stories.

And speaking of cats....

Kyra Lennon is hosting a blog hop to benefit a fur real cat house. You know the kind where they shelter and care for stray and unwanted felines?

Geesh...gutter brains...what's wrong with you?

So, here is my entry, which Kyra has the right to do whatever she darn well feels like doing with it.

Mayzie Cat Seckman
Eight years ago, on a warm spring evening, my kids were out playing with the neighborhood kids. It had been one of those perfect days. Sun was bright, but not harsh and roasting. Breeze was sweet. The grass was still tender. 

The whole day went by. Not once did they whine for video games, ask for snacks, or call me down to referee a single dispute. 

It was like a scene from Stepfordville. 

But all good things come to an end, so as night started to fall, I called the kids in, told the neighbor kids to head home. 

There was whispering, but no movement. 

I called again.

Still nothing. 

Suddenly, I'm pretty certain...they've busted something expensive. Maybe a basketball through the neighbor's window? Busted my husband's car head light? 

I wasn't sure what, but I knew...something was up.

I called again. This time with my mom voice.

Chattering and whispers answered back- "You go", "No, you go", "It's your fault!"

Finally, the lone girl in the 6th Street hood stepped forward. "I'm sorry Mrs. Seckman. He said he'd be right back."

"Right back? What do you mean?" My heart did that flip flop thing- was there a kid missing? Did a stranger poach one out of the herd? 

"Well, Mrs. Seckman," Amanda said cautiously as she climbed the hill. "This old man stopped by earlier and asked us to watch his kitten, and he said he'd be right back. And he never did."

From behind her back, she pulled a little gray and white puff of fur. 

"Do you think he got lost?"

No, I thought, I think he is a maniacal, yet extremely clever turd. 

In West Virginia, cat dumping isn't unusual. People toss them along the sides of roads, onto to farmer's fields, and sadly, sometimes in the river. 

But this is the first I ever heard of someone ditching one on a group of little kids playing in the street.

I walked away, with the kitten, thinking there was a special corner in Hell for cat dumpers.

My husband was more animals. Two dogs, a hamster, and a frog...that's more than enough. 

The kitten could sleep on the porch until a better home was found. 

Fortunately for the kitten, she was small enough to fit in a pocket...and evidently a little boy's pocket is a better home than a cold, dark porch.

My husband knew he was beaten. He knew the freshly named "Mayzie" (because she arrived in May) was fast becoming the newest member of the Seckman house hold. I mean those that have been named cannot ever go unnamed again, right?
Get more info HERE!

As for the cat ditcher. whom my dear husband wanted to cast curses upon? Rumor has it the old fella and his wife were clients at a treatment center down the street from our house. His wife was failing, and it was recommended she go to a nursing home. The husband said he would go with her, but he had a little problem. A much beloved four legged, meowing problem. He told the workers he had to be sure the little creature had a good home, so off he went. 

Up a hill and down a street, where he found a gaggle of big hearted urchins who quickly promised to take care of his kitten until he got back home. 

It's been eight years. We're still waiting. 

photo credit: pjmorse via photopin cc


  1. Mayzie is gorgeous! I'm so happy you took her in! Thanks for sharing your story for the Anthology!

    Please could you email me over your author bio, and a link to your blog/website later so I can add it to the book? Thank you! <3

  2. I love your cat story and I too hope there is a special place in hell for cat dumpers. But, I felt bad for the older couple who couldn't take their cat with them. ): Mayzie is one lucky fuzz ball. Congrats to Mary for her launch and to Kyra for putting together a wonderful blog hop for a good cause. :)

    1. Yeah, this guy's situation excludes him from the animal dumping label. He was in one heck of a pickle and he was putting his wife first...which is as it should be.

  3. Replies
    1. I made one out of a cardboard box when I was little.

  4. Special place in hell for the dumpers indeed. Once named, there they stay haha and enjoy your fictional real estate

  5. Yay, another wonderful cat story. I'm so loving this hop :)

  6. OH Elizabeth!! You kill me. You painted this scene brilliantly. I could picture this happening to me and mine in a heart heat. Littlle Mayzie hit the kitty lottery getting dumped in your kids arms!!

    * I agree. Anyone who could just dump a cat, or any animal for that matter, should have a special place reserved for them in hell.

    1. Thanks Jay bird! Yes, Mayzie is a lucky cat...even if we did pick up a puppy a few years later. They've lived together for years now and he still chases her all over the house.

  7. Awwww Mayzie is so beautiful! I'm a sucker for a lost kitten... I'm always finding them and bringing them home. Hubby has had enough and has put his foot on occasion though lol! Currently we have 3/4 (one kind of lives between us and our neighbours) and two dogs!

    1. 3/4 of a cat. LOL.

      I tried to catch a wild cat the other day, the whole time thinking- I catch this cat and my husband will kill me!

      Never did catch it. A wild cat is almost impossible.

  8. awww...I'm glad the kitten found a good 'temporary' home... :)

    1. Yes she did. And we love her, we wouldn't let her leave even if he did come back.

  9. Love the story. Glad things worked out for Mayzie!

    My significant other has a very firm "no more animals" stand going, but I like to think he'd make an exception for an animal in obvious need.

    1. My husband was in the same boat. we didn't have a whole lot of choices.

  10. What a lovely story. I can just image those poor kids thinking they were in so much trouble. Um... you have a frog??

    1. The kids were def nervous!

      We had two frogs. A tree frog and a water frog. Our little tree frog died this morning. :(
      But the water frog is still going strong.

  11. I can't believe that people dump cats. It's so horrible. But I'm glad this older gentleman loved his cat enough to make sure it was safe, and really, who better to give it to but a bunch of loving, friendly kids? Mayzie is gorgeous! She is definitely a Seckman now. :)

    1. She is one of the prettiest calicoes. She is definitely part of the family now!

  12. Some stories just must be written down so more people can share them. Yours is certainly one of them, Elizabeth. Teared up on this one.

    Congrats on the real estate, too. You've got the purrfect spot.

  13. Lovely story. I'm glad Mayzie found a good home. It reminds me of how I got my cat, since we suspect he was dumped on the side of the road.

  14. A cat house is the road to wealth and happiness.


  15. Is that catnip?

    Animal ditching is so cruel.

    I wish I could've participated in both. My mind has been feeling like mush lately and I can't think of any short stories to write.

  16. Adorable kitty! I'm glad the story had a happy ending. And a free book? It doesn't get better than that!

  17. Glad there was a happy ending for Mayzie! Kittens are pretty hard to turn down, aren't they?

  18. You had me laughing with your cat house story, then you had me tearing up by the end. Well done.

  19. I was going to say the same thing as Melissa - laughing and crying with this post! Mayzie is so cute and I'm glad she found such a wonderful home with you.


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