Bella's Challenge

11:05 AM Elizabeth Seckman 12 Comments

Join the challenge HERE!
Melissa Maygrove is next up in the challenge, and her piece is right up my romance loving alley!

Read Melissa's piece HERE!

And for romance lovers like myself, you will read and want more, so you can buy Melissa's new book  Here!!

And if you haven't checked them out- here are yesterday's contenders. 

The fabulous Suzy Turner is sharing secrets of her perpetual youthfulness.

The talented Roland Yeomans blends history, humor, and wisdom.

And to make a perfect trifecta, D.C. Legendre offers up some beautiful imagery and plot twists.


  1. right up your alley, will visit her valley

  2. Wow, thanks, Elizabeth. How sweet of you!

  3. Melissa's entry was wonderful. What a FUN hop, Elizabeth!

  4. Yay. Will go check these out.

  5. I'll have a look. Looks like a great fest.

  6. Hey Elizabeth,

    I was there and now I'm here to tell you I was there. What a marvellous story by the lovely Melissa.

    Keep on hopping! What the heck am I saying!

    Gary :)

  7. OOH! So many fantastic places to visit! ... and I'm off!

  8. Oops, I realized I'd commented on those two posts but not yours, my friend. You're always up to a double dose of fun. Thanks for this blogfest. I'm enjoying the entries.
    Be well, sweet lady.

  9. Still think this is an awesome idea :) Just visited Melissa's and loved it. Have to check out the rest . . .up, up and away!


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