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I'm still on vacation. I'll be back next week, promise...I know you've missed me ;)

But today, you're in the good, erotic hands of Rayven Godchild ...enjoy.


Yes, that can happen a lot during the process of writing and publishing. What are some things that I find necessary yet can be such guilty-pleasure-distractions? Here are my Top Five:

5. Research - The devil in making a story as appealing as possible is in the details. Writers of historic romances know this all too well. A person could get lost traveling back in time preparing to write a story. I got lost - happily - doing my own bit of research about tools of the trade, particularly for my BDSM-themed Retreat Bound that is part of the Confessions of a Sex Fiend boxed set.

4. Music - I totally love music: from neo soul like Jill Scott, flamenco like Jesse Cook to rock like Linkin Park. When I'm working on a story, I could get lost in the music finding that hint of inspiration for the mood of a particular scene.

3. TV - So, this is all Scandal and Sherlock Holmes's and them fault (I know that was far from grammatically decent but I place the distraction blame on ABC for letting Shonda Rhimes put out such fantastic shows and BBC for being BBC).

2. Positioning - Confessions of a Sex Fiend boxed set is about sex. It's in the title and in the genre description (erotica). When we engage in - erm - sex, we don't simply stand and point at each other. We engage, physically, actively and eagerly. Working out scene positioning is important. Designing and writing the proper flow can be the big difference between a reader experiencing the scene or feeling as though they're reading directions (hint: reading directions is not the way to go which is why fantasizing about scene positioning can be such - erm - fun lol!)

1. Checking out stock photos for potential covers and inspiration - (photos courtesy of See what I mean? Nuff said lol!
As you can see, it's sooooo easy to get distracted, but finishing the Confessions of a Sex Fiend series was both loads of fun and rewarding. This is a set of short stories I can easily find myself going back to read again and again and again some more. I hope, after you download your copy, you're able to find the stories to be a perfect distraction to a long day and words worth re-reading in a pinch-need for a little heat-tertainment.

~ ~ ~ On the path to earning his degree in mechanical engineering, Chancellor Baltimore, geek-extraordinaire, experiences a detour of a lifetime. He discovers his inner sex fiend and an incurable yearning to be the fantasy, bring the pain, and ensure unbridled pleasure for his clients. But even he experiences a bump in the road.  ~ ~ ~

In Tasting Cherry, everyone has a first time.
In A View to Ecstasy, it’s so much more fun when there’s more than two in the tango.
In Retreat Bound, there’s pleasure in the pain.
And in Bound to Collide, Chancellor experiences a collision course that is inevitable.

Let’s enjoy these tales of a sex fiend as Chancellor continues to break the rule that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone. They will be our little secrets…

Book trailer link: (music by Kevin MacLeod at

About Rayven Godchild:
Rayven Godchild is an author of erotica/erotic romance short stories, novels and novellas. Her first published work appeared in a fit of obscurity during a tumultuous time in life. That story, Secret Lilies, will see the light of day again with a lot less stress and a lot more joy surrounding its republication in the very near future. Currently, the Confessions of a Sex Fiend short stories are working their way out into the world, with the first one, Tasting Cherry, as Rayven’s re-debut as an author. A View to Ecstasy and Retreat Bound are available. Bound to Collide is the final confession, but certainly not the last the world will hear from Chancellor Baltimore.

Here are some places you can find Rayven:


  1. Um... glad you put those pictures toward the end because I lost all train of thought! I think I'll just go stare. *wipes drool* Oh, I absolutely hate doing my own research, but love when other writers know their stuff! And... *lost staring at pictures...again*

  2. Hate research, love Sherlock, ooh pictures :-)

  3. The positioning part could be fun! Wait, did I say that out loud...?

  4. I can tell Rayven hates looking at the stock.

  5. Holy cow. Those stock photos... hot hot hot.

    I need to pour a pail of cold water over my head.

  6. A little re-positioning never hurts anything lol

  7. Hi fellow stock photo addict. I feel your pain and the knowledge at we are still going to check them out anyway. Congrats Rayven and continue to write naughty.

  8. So how do you choose one of those guys for your cover? I know I'd have one tough time doing that.

  9. Music is definitely a central part of writing for me. Shirtless dudes? Not so much.

  10. Hey Elizabeth, thanks so much for having my alter ego, Rayven Godchild here for a distractiing visit. It's been a rather busy few days catching up but I definitely had to make sure to come on by.
    @Leigh - Drool away. I do it more than I probably should
    @Annalisa - Sherlock love is so addictive...and pictures too lol!
    @Alex - Yes, I do believe you said that out loud :-)
    @R. Mac - I do love looking at those pictures lol!
    @ Robin - and those are some of the tame ones *HAWT!*
    @Pat - I have to agree :-)
    @ Sheena-kay - it can be rough having to slave through those photos *le drool*
    @C Lee - I don't know, I just kind of pick the one I hope Amazon doesn't try to censor lol!
    @A Beer - Shirtless dudes are not for everyone :-)

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