(Bald) Headers and Such...

6:00 AM Elizabeth Seckman 18 Comments

Blog tour stop of the day!! Come fly with me to France and let's visit the lovely Elise Fallson!

And then to the west coast to talk Oscar picks with Livia Peterson!

Now, in other news...
Click here to get Charlie's Scribes to help you!

Charlie's Scribes are out and about again! (Charlie's Scribes is a for free blog service offered by Mark Koopmans, Tammy Theriault, and myself) 

This time, we have been given a back stage pass by Michelle Wallace, of Writer-in-Transit.

Michelle has a big announcement and she was kind enough let us go behind the scenes and enjoy the fun- upfront and perhaps just a little too personally...

Check, check, check out our melody HERE!

Meanwhile...on the American continent...

If anyone would've told me that to be a writer, I'd also have to be part secretary, computer tech, accountant, and PR person, I would've said, "But I just want to write books!" 

But writing books isn't enough. Not by a long shot!

(Though I do envision a time when I have minions who do it all for me- yes, I am pretty certain I know where the dwarf and ninja clones are being kept...if only I can master my spelunking skills.)

Anyhow, I know I need to update my social sites. They are all just a hodge podge of what I think is purty (that means really pretty in hillbilly talk) and well, they need a more professional, pulled together look.

So, thanks to Carrie Butler (Foward Authority) , I have  some awesome new headers! 

Pretty, huh?  


  1. Those are really nice! Carrie is so talented.
    Visited both your stops today already. Because I do know where the Ninja Clones are hidden...

    1. You really should learn to share Alex. Keeping the clone machine to yourself? tsk...tsk

  2. Those headers are awesome. And yes, being a 'writer' means a lot more than just writing.

    1. Isn't it though? Amazing how much of my day is devoted to non-writer to-do's. But I suppose if it was easy, we'd not appreciate it as much (posh, I know, but I have to tell myself something!!)

  3. Yeah have to do a ton more at ones sea, i just want to write and be crazy lol

    1. Me too!! My image of the ever-drunken writing tapping away at keys is forever gone. So sad.

  4. Thanks for taking over my blog today, Elizabeth!
    Charlie's Scribes did a fab job!
    And I DO love those purty new headers...(is a person supposed to "purrrr" as in purrrrrrty to get the accent correct?)

    1. It was our pleasure Michelle!!! Thanks so much for having us over :)

      And you said purty purfectly. Have you been runnin' the hills of West Virginia?

  5. Hey Elizabeth!

    Okay, thanks again for the kind offer of pimping my blog. I note you've been over at the adorable Michelle's place.

    Loving the new headers. Carrie, yet another of my adoring fans, has an abundance of talent. Just like you do, Elizabeth!

    Now then, let's go on a link journey....

    Gary :)

    1. I'd happily pimp your blog Gary! I am the blogging tramp (but only in the most morally upstanding way ;)

      Carrie does have all sorts of talent. She makes this stuff look easy...for myself...well, I'd still be crying over odd looking headers if I had to make them myself!

  6. Nice headers....those look great.

    Loved the interview on Elise's blog, by the way, and totally agree on the France subject.

  7. Someday I hope to have minions too.


  8. I love the headers!

    I just wanted to write books. Then I learned I have to do a lot more.


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