Holidaze Update

8:28 PM Elizabeth Seckman 20 Comments

The Seckman Boys-
in their tree getting glory.

We're busy getting ready for Christmas.
We may be a little dazed...a little confused....
But we are getting there!

I have my decorations up.
I'm planning a Book Party* to celebrate 
the release of Fate Intended and thank the local peeps.
I've had awesome support from my community and I want to return the love.

I'm planning to do my "official" Fate Intended blog tour in February.
That gives me more time to get organized.
I need posts, give-aways, and spots to visit and I have been so 
discombobulated, I decided to take a step back, regroup, and do it fresh in 2014.

Last week's IWSG I read an awful lot of posts where people are feeling the strain.
Well, I can say Amen to that.
when you're living the dream,
you can't give up!

Slow down.
Take a vacay.
Post pone a tour ;)

Just don't give up.
I've seen writers come and go, 
and honestly, there is  one thing that separates the 
people who make it from the people who  don't....
It's not talent.
It's tenacity.

As the wise Brinda Berry once commented, 
"Publication is a marathon, not a sprint."

Lecture over...now, back to regular bloggy business..

Earlier on this blog...

Crystal Collier stopped by to tell us about her new book, Moonless. she offered a give away to be drawn from the people who could find the truth from the lie. Check out Crystal's Truth or Lie game HERE.

The winners were: Kimberly Afe, Angela Brown, and Suzanne Furness

The answers to the Truth or Lie:

1.    Crystal’s #1 fear is playing the piano in public.
2.    She has directed choirs in 3 different states, including one performance in Central Park.
3.    As a composer, she has been in collaboration with a producer for her Broadway style musical.

The lie: #2. I have directed choirs in three different states, but sadly, we never did perform in Central Park. There is nothing, and I repeat NOTHING that gets my nerves jittering worse than tickling ivory in front of people, and we do actually have a musical that is AMAZING and we hope to see on Broadway some day in the future. 

*If you happen to be in the New Martinsville area...
stop by The Book Store
Saturday December 16 at 6:30.
We're having games, mocktails, food, and prizes!


  1. You know if you need stops in February, I am there to help!
    Congratulations to the winners.

    1. You'r always the most helpful! I bet you were a boy scout :)

  2. Wahoo and yay! Congrats to the other winners! I'd love to help in February too!

  3. You can stop by in February on my blog. :)

    Congrats to the winners.

  4. Damn it, no passport. Is your son sending a secret message to his mystery girlfriend with that kiss? Your boys are a bunch of angels aren't they? Ha. 12/7 I bet. Anyway I'll be ready to help in February as well.

    1. Angels with broken halos! I'll mark you down and be in touch! Thanks Sheena-kay!

  5. I'm the biggest fan Of this book launch other than your cyber brother!!! So cray cray excited!!!!

    1. Excitement is your middle name...pretty sure...even if your mom doesn't agree :)

  6. If I was still in your area, I would stop by Saturday. Break a pen!

    I love that photo of your boys. Your ahead of me. I have to write and mail out some cards. That's pretty much it and I can't seem to get it done.

    1. That would be so totally awesome. I have cards to do also. In good time. I will get it all done...I hope!

  7. I'd be happy to host you in February if you are looking for stops! And I love this picture of your gang, so funny. :)

    1. Adding you to my list...which I should keep in triplicate (lost the last one...go figure!)

  8. Yeah touring in December is a bit nuts. In fact, that's why I sort of stopped pushing to book tour dates. But then, maybe it's just that I moved recently and have a ton of non-writing-related stuff to do.

    Let me know if/when you need a blog tour stop. My e-mail address is mishagericke(AT)gmail(DOT)com. :-)

    1. Thanks Misha! I would love to add you :)

      Yeah, I never really think this stuff through too far ahead.

  9. I think you're right to take it slowly with your book tour etc. It can be exhausting especially at this time of year.
    Lovely family photo.
    I, perhaps, don't have enough followers to be a worthwhile blog tour stop?

    1. Now Fanny, there is no such thing as too small a stop. I'd LOVE to come visit. Hugs for offering!!

  10. Tenacity. You hit the nail on the head, Elizabeth. It's easy to throw in the towel...the hard part is sticking with it.

    Merry Christmas and have a Great New Year.

    M.L. Swift, Writer


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