The Red Balloon...

1:07 PM Elizabeth Seckman 11 Comments

Andrew and Nick
I didn't get a chance to buy and float my red balloon in honor of Andrew, but I wanted to take a minute and send Nick and his family a hug today.

My brother-in-law, Corey, also has cerebral palsy, so I understand how these very special people offer us so much more than we can ever offer them in return. They are a blessing. The lessons they teach us are priceless. And the love we share is eternal. 

I also want to thank Michelle Wallace for inviting me over to her blog  yesterday for an interview. Thanks Michelle!

Come visit me at Michelle's by clicking HERE!


  1. Replies
    1. I never did get to float my red balloon. :(
      Some days just don't have enough hours!

  2. Hugs are awesome things, and it's so nice to see how many "Red Balloon" posts there are today...

  3. That's such a lovely picture of Nick and Andrew,

  4. I've seen a lot of these red balloons on Facebook. It's wonderful to see the outpouring of support for Nick and his family!

  5. 1. Posts like this are what I love about our writing community.

    2. I just noticed the Forward Authority logo in your sidebar. Thank you!

    1. We are a community. And adding you to my side bar is the least I can do! I am a Carie info junkie!

  6. Love and prayers to Andrew, Nick, and family. It's wonderful to see everyone pulling together to support them in this difficult time.


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