Double Fun? Double Trouble?

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Double fun (or trouble!) for you today!

Congrats Crystal!
We have Crystal Collier's brand new book cover!!!

And yes, it is bee-u-ti-ful!!

The blurb: Alexia’s nightmares become reality: a dead baron, red-eyed wraiths, and forbidden love with a man hunted by these creatures. After an attack close to home, Alexia realizes she cannot keep one foot in her old life and one in this new world. To protect her family she must either be sold into a loveless marriage, or escape with her beloved and risk becoming one of the Soulless. 

MOONLESS is Jane Eyre meets Supernatural.

And speaking of Supernatural!! Joining the party with some Sam and Dean are the lovely Gwen and Angela! (I told's a special day!!) 

                                                       I didn't watch it. I watch a season behind
and couldn't risk spoilers.
But you should feel free to enjoy ;)

Elizabeth: I figured, to make life easier on you busy gals, we'd do some trivia. It will give you even more reason to study up on Sam and Dean ;)

The Winchester boys have cute pet names for each other...    

Dean calls Sam (1)_______Bitch_______;

Sam calls Dean (2)______Jerk ________.

           *punk     *jerk    *brat     *bitch

Gwen: But we certainly don’t advocate name calling, especially when two such lovely bodies…

Angela:brothers. She means brothers.

Gwen: Oh. Yeah. Brothers. That’s what I meant.

(3) What is Sam's email address?                                                      





Angela: Oh, nice try Elizabeth, but you’ll have to try harder than that. Sam would never forgive us if we gave out his email address to half of America. 
Elizabeth: I wanted to keep it for myself anyhow...bwa ha back in a to check my inbox!

(4) Dean's favorite dessert?                                                
How 'bout a cheeseburger pie combo?

            a. ice cream

            b. chocolate chip cookies

            c. white cake

            d. pie

Gwen: Cheeseburgers and pie! You know I’m rather partial to those foods myself. Just one of the many things Dean and I have in common.

(5) By MY best count, how many Winchesters have died on the show?  

*Angela and Gwen put their heads together. A few whispers escape…* ~you know Dean has died about a 100 times…stabbed in All Hell Breaks Loose…hit by lightning in Wishful Thinking…hellhounds…Lucifer…John, Mary…and can’t forget Dean’s daughter, uh, Emma, I think…oh and their grandfather, Henry…Sam…*shake heads*…those boys have been through so much…are we agreed, then?~

Angela:  We’re ready.

Gwen:  Yes, we’re ready.

Elizabeth: Go ahead then. Tell us how many Winchesters have died?

Angela:  197, give or take a life here or there and taking into account whether they were really dead and brought back to life... 

Gwen: …or if they were just fake dead, because fake dead isn’t dead-dead, know what I mean?

Elizabeth: Um, yeah... Let’s just go with that number. I totally forgot about Emma! You ladies are sharp!

(6) When Sam and Dean are separated, what name do they check into a hotel under?
Seriously Elizabeth!!
I am a FREAKING Icon!!

            a. James Dean

            b. MacGuiver                                                 

            c. John Rockford

            d. Quincy Jones

Gwen *glances left then right, then leans forward to whisper*: Don’t tell anyone I said this, but the first name begins with a ‘J’ and the last name is Rockford.

Angela *shakes her head*: You do know folks just have to look at The Rockford Files to figure out ‘J’ is for Jim, right?

Gwen: Shhhhh! Remember, Sam? Superpowers that can kill us if we say too much, although, he’d be a pretty fine last thing to look at.

Angela: You. Are. Hopeless.

Elizabeth: Crap, I meant Jim. There goes all my hopes that Alex Quebec will give me his job when he reitres...giggles and whispers in the background...Trebek? You ladies sure about that? Huh. Seems I've got name problems!

                            (7-10) Speed Round: Match Sam or Dean to the quote!   

a. "I'd give anything not to tell you this, but sometimes nightmares are real." Dean.

b. "What kind of house doesn't have salt? Low sodium freaks!" Dean. ( was Sam) 

c. "You brave little soldier. I acknowledge your pain." Sam.

d. "Always take down the Christmas decorations after New Years, or you might get filleted by a hooker from God." Dean.

*Angela and Gwen wait nervously to hear their scores on Supernatural Trivia* 

Angela whispers to Gwen: So--do we lose points ‘cause we won’t part with Sam’s email?

 About A Guilty Ghost Surprised: Indigo Eady and gang are back with a  feather and a Chance setting off another twisting-turning investigation to bring a cold case, and loved ones, closure at last.

AGGS buy links: Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About They All Fall Down: Free of their duties as Cleanser and Harvestor, Abby and Basil try to move on with their lives. But some secrets remain. And what is done in the dark won’t be good when it comes to light.

TAFD buy links: Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Gwen Gardner and Angela Brown - YA paranormal authors embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. Share with us as we take the Indie journey to bring our works to the world. Buckle up! There'll be mystery, mayhem, action and emotional roller coasters...oh, and a few things that go bump in the night.

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  1. Funny! Maybe they were just mostly dead as opposed to completely dead? Makes a difference you know.
    Congratulations, ladies.

    1. Those ladies were way smarter than the question giver!

  2. Ha! Great post! You ladies are so awesome.
    And I love Crystal's cover!

    1. It is a sweet cover!

      It was a day for talented ladies!

  3. Congratulations to Crystal!

    Thanks for hosting us today, Elizabeth. Um, hehe, what was our final score?

    Glad you enjoyed it, Rachel!

    1. Let's were smarter than the host, but you got one quote wrong...I'd say that gives you a score of 110%

  4. Bwahahaha! That was awesome! Thanks for the laugh, ladies, and Elizabeth, thank you so much for sharing my cover. You rock!

    1. No, you rock. You should be showered with cheese cubes.

  5. LOL, I love these PIP posts. :D

    And congrats to Crystal, her cover is everywhere!

  6. That was hilarious. New season of Supernatural starts next Tuesday and I'm ready for my fix. Glad for the time change because my Wednesday night is filled with three shows. Two NBC and Cc's South Park.

    1. I will have to hide under my rock NOT to hear what happens. My college age son loves the show too, so we wait until it comes out on DVD so we can watch it together. We will have to occupy ourselves with some Sons of Anarchy re-runs until then!

  7. That's a great cover, Crystal. As for the rest of it, I have never seen Supernatural so it all kinda went over my head :-/

    1. Oh Annalisa! You poor, deprived woman! You MUST watch it. And lucky you, you have several seasons you can enjoy!

  8. I just returned from the island and now Gwen & Angela are hanging with Sam and Dean. Awesome!

    I loved Jane Eyre and Supernatural is fun, so I look forward to reading Crystal's book.

    1. Lucky lady! I want to go hang out on an island...or with Sam and Dean. I'm not picky!

  9. That was funny, and who could resist Jane Eyre meeting Supernatural - super combination!

    1. Crystal knows how to tease a reader, that's for sure!

  10. Not seen the show, but you can rely on a laugh with Gwen and Angie's posts! Congrats to all!

  11. Three blogger buddy books in one post?! It was great reading this. :) Fun post.

  12. Yay! Crystal's book is gorgeous! And Gwen and Angie are hilarious! Supernatural is always fun to watch!

  13. Any post with Sam and Dean is sure to get my attention! :) Loved the questions! And the books look really good!

    1. Whatever brings you on over Amber! Good to *see* you!

  14. what a hilarious characterization! that was so fun and telling!

    miss ya, girl! watcha up to?

    1. Football and edits Tara! Still looking around Ohio for some spots we can hang out together!


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